Microsoft Offer Free New Year Avatar Item

Microsoft have been quite generous to users of the Xbox LIVE gaming network this holiday season, delivering daily deals atop of the usual weekly discounts, and promoting their brightest releases, such as Fable III and Kinect Adventures, with freebie offers. Today however, to celebrate the New Year, Microsoft has a gift available for everybody.

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NYC_Gamer3242d ago

wow,finally something free on xbl.

FrankMcSpank3242d ago

they should do this more.

LittleBigPlanet gives you something every holiday. I would like more games to do this.

NegativeCreepWA3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I've got more free stuff off of live then I have PSN.

edit: Maybe you should pay more attention then.

NYC_Gamer3242d ago

i have never got anything free off xbl

FrankMcSpank3242d ago

I would say that I have gotten much more from PSN than XBL. But I am a PS+ member, so I am rollin' in content. But I get Home Avatar gear from different games, tons of themes, free movie every Saturday, etc.

I think the only thing I got for free from my 360 is the guilty sparks item from the halo waypoint. oh and those mcdonalds wallpapers.

IaMs123242d ago

Gotta say tho i have gotten much more off of Live then PSN myself too

StanLee3242d ago

Yeah, almost every major holiday season or major game release you get a free theme or avatar item. I've gotten free holiday theme, free Halo Reach and ODST themes, free Perfect Dark theme and free avatar items. Live gives you tons of free stuff if you pay attention.

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Bull5hifT3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

READ THIS AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT....... Wow!!! Free and Microsoft in the same sentence ... I feel like my heads gunna explode or the world is really ending or when Snake Creates a Time ParadoX..... snake SNAKE SNnnAaaaaaaJkkKkEeee!!!?!!

HolyOrangeCows3242d ago

2011....I thought those goofy glasses would finally die, but noooooooo; they just went ahead and cut a hole in the one.

STREET x KING3242d ago

you know whats funny!? microsoft had a free zombie mask up on the market place for a long time and a few days ago they had a special offer for that zombie mask!! it was now 80 ms points! haha!!

SixZeroFour3241d ago

yea its usually limited...the premium halo reach invasion theme used to be free (i got it when halo reach was coming out) now its 240 just recently

rlm423241d ago

wtf Nyc_Gamer if you've never got anything free on Xbox Live then you clearly don't pay much attention or don't have an Xbox.

I've got free arcade games recently such as Doritos Crash Course and Harms Way, both really decent games with achievements and all.. Plus tons of themes and avatar items, as well as a few different web podcasts..

Also MS do host free Xbox Live days every now and then.. So they look after me pretty well :)

actual_gamer3241d ago

Didn't you get Harms Way and Dorito's Crash Course a few weeks back?

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Raven_Nomad3242d ago

They did this last year as well. I already downloaded mine. We also got the two free Arcade games in the last couple of weeks.
I know probably not believed in these parts but Microsoft offers free items quite often, you can win Avatar items in different games as well. Halo Waypoint offers free Avatar items. Nice to see everyone getting in on the action though.

Happy New Years everyone!

SixZeroFour3241d ago

harms way and the doritos one or something, i like harms way...and yea, i found out about this and the theme from a tweet like a week or 2 ago, but yea, ms does offer free stuff often, its just usually limited

kevco333242d ago

This got approved at 12:04am UK time! Rock 2011 peeps!

Checkmate3242d ago

Happy New Years Everyone!

Elvfam5113242d ago

Happy New Year.... Drink in till you past out so you can be famous on youtube ;-)

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