God Of War 3: Disappointing?

Platform Nation's Justin Keplinger had this to say about God of War 3: At this point I was considering feeding the Blu-Ray disc to the shredder, just to watch something else choke on it, but with one final, heroic effort, I managed to watch all the way through the credits only to be rewarded with the final scene being a blood trail leading from the cliff face of Kratos heroic sacrifice and into the tossing sea.

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Karooo3240d ago

Who plays gow3 for the story?

Headline is also wrong, make it, Gow3 story dissapointing?

longcat3240d ago

The camera work alone made it worthwhile for me.

GOTY in my humble opinion

GWAVE3240d ago

This author is entitled to his opinion, but it seems a bit nitpicky to be bothered by the story when most big-name game storylines this generation - Halo, Call of Duty, inFamous, GTA4, Gears of War, the list goes on - are equally mediocre. I didn't play GoW for the storyline at all, and marking it down would be like marking down a Mario game for its storyline (oh wait, the media is willing to give Mario a pass but not other games? Big surprise!)

Retro_Zombie3240d ago

"Who plays gow3 for the story? "

F**k off troll.

HolyOrangeCows3240d ago

God of War 3 was great, but I'll agree that the story was awful, especially the ending.

PS360PCROCKS3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I play God Of War for the story...I love the story and greek mythology and think it's really cool and encompassing.

randomwiz3240d ago

IMO, the story was pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was the ending. It was an epic ending that I did not expect, but I agree with LordMarius, it just wasn't presented well.

The author clearly does not realize that Kratos stops and wants to save pandora because she reminds him of his own daughter.

I also think the story in Ghost of Sparta was better than GOW3. They NEED to make a Ghost of Sparta for ps3.

RememberThe3573240d ago

I loved the story, loved the game, and loved the ending. I loved every single thing about this game. EVERYTHING.

rockleex3240d ago

You can bet your ass Gears of War will get a pass for its story.

In fact, it might even get PRAISED for it.

What has the world come to? -_-"

Kevin ButIer3239d ago

"The whole world and everything living in it with the exception of Aphrodite and her two female slaves are DEAD!"

OMG... best game ever?

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LordMarius3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

only the execution of the last act.
I liked how it ended but not how it was told.
Still great game. I want GOW 4 so the series can end in a high note

lastdual3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Agreed. The story telling in the last 3rd of the game felt forced. I didn't really buy Kratos' attachment to Pandora, nor some of his heroic choices given how brutal he was throughout most of the game.

Also, they really needed more of the smarter enemies, such as the satyrs, in the late game, instead of just sending bigger and bigger mobs of the same old enemies. And the wooden-box labyrinth was underwhelming after all the awesome vistas earlier.

So yeah, I liked the game, but there was definitely room for improvement. GoW1 remains my favorite of the series.

FinalSpartan3240d ago

oh wow site looking for hits. GOW 3 was awesome!! enjoyed it so much!!! Probably mostly kratos angry faces and his epic voice and brutality. :D

NeoBasch3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I certainly didn't play for the story as GOWII was nothing to write home about, but I thought GOWIII had an exceptional story full of artistic merit what with Pandora and the symbolism towards the end. Personally, I thought the last three hours of the game was beautifully executed. Easily one of my favorite endings for a video game. At this point, I'm not even for sure I want GOWIV.

wanaraceu3240d ago

Your right neo Gow3 has 1 of the best storys ever in a game better than most movies if you have played the first 2 you would of loved the story. People who nit pick about story go watch clash of the titans.

the_best_player3240d ago

One of the best games i've played.

3240d ago
JoeReno3240d ago

Dude, that was way harsh and uncalled for.

phatak3240d ago

yea people keep hating ps3 and its games.
Uncharted 2 overated
heavy rain- movie
gt 5- menus suck
god of war- disappointing
lbp- too childish
people will keep complaining no matter what, Let them do the complaining while we play these awesome games

velocitygamer3240d ago

Pathetic. People find the most idiotic ways to bash a game. I remember when LBP first got announced, everyone was like "Eww, this game is for babies" look...even adults play it.

ME19893240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

To be fair, it's not only PS3 games, every 360 game gets bashed on this site too. Every game gets bashed.

Halo: Reach- generic, overrated, Halo#324453
Gears of War- "Manly", overrated, doesn't change
Forza Motorsport- Terrible game, can't compare, "Flopza"
Alan Wake- Linear, boring TPS, etc


the_best_player3240d ago

jealous xbox 360 gamers easy answer

FinalSpartan3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

play music below

" O ", appears before the editor of this dumb article and website, and the trolls who diss this game.

Savagely beats punches and headbutts until the screen covered with blood and then ends with two fingers into the eye.


Blaze9293240d ago

The ending sure was disappointing. Was awful

Vherostar3240d ago

Ah the line up for 360 is that bad next year sites have resorted to slating existing ps3 titles to turn off gamers.. This is how low 360 fanboys really get people..

visualb3239d ago


what a bad article =P

and no, the story wasn't either

if you havent played all 3, and think GOWIII story is stupid, check yourself

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Black-Helghast3240d ago

They said that the story was disappointing? Are you kidding me? God of War 1 was my 3 PS2 game, and i loved it. When God of War 2 came out, i was like OMFGGGG! and when God of war 3 came out i was like zOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! In other words, i'm a god of war fan, and i loved the story in each single game.

JoeReno3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Oh no your not... According to your one disagreer(who wasnt me btw). Some People are just lame.

Focker4203240d ago

That is an epic battle, too bad the video you chose cuts out half of the gameplay.

talltony3240d ago

Yea go find a better Single video that's not in 3 different parts.

the_best_player3240d ago

Goes to show how powerful the ps3 really is.
The 360 games are so far behind but prove me wrong if you wish.

baodeus3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I thought GoW3 was a good game, but the story is not as great. It is a hack and slash type of game, and for what it is, i think the story is ok compare to many other hack and slash game.

So what is the difference between GoW3 fighting on a giant and Shadow of colossus? Instead of making a huge environment, they make a moving stage. So what is so powerful about it? The scale of GoW3 actually smaller than shadow of colossus because shadow of colossus actually have crazy large environment w/ the giants in it. GoW3 is just a direct moving forward game and heavily scripted (i didn't say that, the developers themselves said it). How the scale of a giant moving stage bigger than an enormous world with giants in it?

MrAwesome3240d ago

The developers wanted to show that Kratos was a deeper character than what we thought, anyone who played the entire series can tell you Kratos was once a father who fought for his family and when he was about to die he did what he did to protect his wife and daughter from the barbarians.

Finally he was betrayed, used, lied to, re-betrayed, re-used and finally re-re-betrayed(Not to mention killed a couple of times)

At the end he got his heart back when he saw Pandora who reminded about his daughter and the reason he started the journey in the first place to save the people he loved.

Focker4203240d ago

Exactly. The story is a continuation of the previous two games. God of War 3 is mainly about Kratos getting revenge on the Gods that had wronged him. Its not supposed to be in-depth story telling. If you wanted that than you should've played the first two.

It picks up right where the second one ends and thats with Kratos climbing Mount Olympus for one purpose. To kill Zeus. If you are playing God of War 3 just for in-depth storytelling (which is still good by the way) than chances are you won't get much out of it.

You play God of War 3 to rip, shred, maim, decapitate, pummel, and just destroy the Gods in a glorious fashion. All with top of the line graphics, animations, lighting, and camera work. It truly is a jaw dropping experience outside of the story. God of War 3 is all about having fun gameplay and it doesn't disappoint in any way shape or form.

Figboy3240d ago

I couldn't agree more.

There are very few game franchises that actually bother carrying story threads from the previous games.

Even Uncharted 2. It mainly just carries over CHARACTER threads and relationships, but the plots of the two games are vastly different.

God of War, on the other hand, is telling a story across 5 titles, and if you want to get the full story of Kratos, and at least understand his rage, you HAVE to play all 5 games (or at least the core console games, but the PSP iterations are simply too good to miss, and they often feature some of the best moments of characterization and humanization of Kratos in the entire series).

The third in a trilogy isn't usually meant to be taken on it's own. I mean, it's the THIRD story in a much larger picture.

It's like watching Return of the Jedi without having seen A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back. Sure, you may get some entertainment out of it, but only on a superficial level. The scenes where Luke confronts Vader (such as before he is taken to the Emperor, and after Vader's sacrifice), just wouldn't have the same impact had you understood the history of the two characters.

Metal Gear is the same way. You don't need to have played the 8 bit versions of the game, but playing Metal Gear Solid 1-3 really added a LOT to playing Metal Gear Solid 4.

A lot of people dismissing God of War 3's narrative seem to be viewing it in a vacuum. It is NOT meant to be a stand alone story. It's a direct continuation of two previous games. I mean, damn, the INTRO to God of War 3 literally takes place seconds after the ENDING of God of War 2.

As far as a story driven gaming franchise goes, God of War is one of the best, along with Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, Prince of Persia (Sands of Time Trilogy), etc. There are plenty more, the ones listed above are some of the best.

I'm a big fan of Greek mythology, and I've NEVER seen it portrayed like it is in God of War, and that's a great thing to me.

Areeb113240d ago

mhmmmm if this guy (author) had any idea about a Greek tragedy and the way its presented he would know about Hubris and Hamartia. and Kratos like any other Greek Hero/Anti-Hero has both a fatal flaw and a single unified purpose. God of War III is supposed to be viewed as the final act of a Greek epic. In any form of literature the final act is the one where there are the most number of confrontations both physical and emotional (Character development etc.)
I watched the God of War Director's conference and they presented some pretty interesting ideas and their versions of why Kratos did what he did at the end (kill himself). It was not due to a sudden burst of altruism that he wanted to kill himself and save humanity Kratos kills himself because he is simply tired of being used. Ultimately Kratos frees himself of his misery and he DOES the ONE thing that could allow him to do so.... he forgives himself for everything.

So you see it is not a question of 'oh the story sucked' God of War 3 is essentially based around the final 2 hours of gameplay and the earlier parts of the game are the real prelude to the end if you will.

oh and dear author... 1600 foot titans... how the hell can that be disappointing?

blackburn53240d ago

DualChief I agree. I think they were trying to show that Kratos was not only the bastard that everyone thought he was. No one seemed to notice that even in the other games he showed times of weakness, regret and concern despite his brutal killing.I think that Pandora was another device to show he was not just a monster.Also I believe the only reason that GOW3 did not seem as epic to some people I think is because it was hard to live up to GOW1 and GOW2. It happens with movies all the time.It is obvious to me that people don't read enough books or you would see what they were trying to.