In-depth Review: Harms Way - Electronic Theatre

Harms Way sees two-man teams take to the track, one player drives while another mounts the turrets. In single-player you are given the option of which position you wish to fill, where as multiplayer sees one player in each position. The driver has the obvious task of making it around the track as quickly as possible, avoiding gun fire whilst picking-up power-ups. Both health and boost meters are of your concern, and both are rechargeable via mid-air barrel rolls and drifting respectively. As it sounds from a written description, most gamers will be familiar with the concept of Harms Way’s driving element, but it’s when you bring those turrets into play that things really get interesting.

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jetlian3246d ago

decent after giving it a few rounds. the turrets are more fun than the cars

Flexatron3246d ago

its free. can't really complain

HK63246d ago

67/100? It is free and is better (and 10 times more original) than Black Ops. Learn to review.

ambientFLIER3245d ago

So everything free must always be 10/10?