Final Fantasy: It Was the Best of Games, It Was the Worst of Minigames

It's amazing how the developers of the Final Fantasy titles can make such breathtaking, in-depth role-playing games, yet utterly fail at making halfway-decent minigames.

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HOTA9X3031d ago

But I like FF VIII cards!!!

FrankMcSpank3031d ago

I thought the chocobo racing in FFVII was a nightware, and you needed to do them to get the Golden Chocobo. But come on man, Snowboarding down the mountain was EPIC!

FinalSpartan3030d ago

those minigames were actually fun? who wrote this article? The triple triad game from ff8 was sooo addictive a card game on its own. As for the rest were great to?

Oldsnake0073030d ago

I agree with you. the writer is really stupid if he thinks that other games have better mini games.

Also FFX the ball game was amazing, easily put hours in this minigame.

Gawdl3y3030d ago

I loved Blitzball in FFX!

thehitman3030d ago

Ya I have to say blitz ball was really good in FFX i was overly depressed that they changed it in FFX-2

fanboi hater3030d ago

yeah i am actually replaying ffx right now and i love blitzball havent lost a single game

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Man In Black3030d ago

Blitzball was incredibly fucking tedious. Only reason I did it was to get Wakka's ultimate weapon.

HeavenlySnipes3030d ago

was 50/50 for FF fans. I actually found it fun but then I just wanted to finish the game (FFX I'm talking about) so I just proceede on with the story and never went back.

Spenok3030d ago

Yep, i hated it while playing. It was hard to wrap my head around. While my best friend absolutly loved it. I would say thats right for just about every FF minigame.

ScentlessApprentice73030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I remember having tons of fun (so much fun that I still remember the fond memories some 13+ years ago) with the minigames contained within the Golden Saucer within Final Fantasy VII, the experiences within Final Fantasy VIII (the Battle Card Game), and Final Fantasy IX (underrated, but still classic), that The "author" of this article, does not try to renege the memories of the real gamers that are still present here on N4G. We know what's real, and what isn't. And we know what is "classic" and what "isn't".

In case you want to know, All the idiots who claim that "Halo" is the genesis of FPS do not have any real knowledge of the genesis of FPS. Halo on the original Xbox was a great and impactful franchise, I'll admit. But anyone else who continues to claim Halo over other currently-motivational franchises like Call of Duty, Doom, and Wolfenstein are nothing but lonely, idiotic Tools!

Halo is a quality franchise, but if you have any impartiality in the discussion of this topic, you will admit that Halo is not the George Washington of the FPS-franchise. If you do, then you should probably shut up and get a history lesson.

Kee3030d ago

Ok, your post makes no sense whatsoever after the first paragraph. Why are you talking about FPSes? No one even said anything about Halo being the George Washington o FPS games.
You crazy

PS3Freak3030d ago

Are you fucking kidding me? Blitzball was awesome!

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