Most Memorable Video Game Moments Of 2010

We all know what the best games of the year are already, but what were the best moments in video games since January 2010 began? We Got This Covered takes a look back at 2010 and goes over some of the best moments in gaming this year.

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thegreatest78843031d ago

Off that list, I would say the Cronos battle in God of War is my most memorable. Such an amazing game, and that part just blew my mind.

TheHip143031d ago

Mass Effect 2 had sooo many memorable moments, such a good game

Cwalk8163031d ago

Starcraft 2's campaign almost had me shedding manly tears, quite possibly one of the most epic storylines ever.

TheHip143031d ago

Starcraft 2 is still one I never got around to playing, the 'never got around to playing' list for 2010 is quite long lol

RaymondM3031d ago

nice list man, I totally agree with Mass Effect. Losing the Normandy was crazy

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