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"Zipper Interactive’s first outing on the PlayStation 3 brought the studio’s background in online gaming, from the SOCOM series on the PS2, and brought it up to scale with the power of the PS3."

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RedDead3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

It is good but the best? No

rjdofu3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

No way. Should be Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or at least Halo Reach.

Headquarters113038d ago

Hell nah this isn't the best shooter of 2010. I enjoyed it for a bit though, not gonna lie. But there just wasn't enough weapons. And almost all of them felt the same. Stick to socom, Zipper.

GWAVE3038d ago

I haven't played MAG, and I'm not traditionally an online FPS gamer (I've done my share throughout the years on various FPSs, but they're not my favorite).

Is MAG different enough from KZ2 or CoD or Halo to be worth a try?

oddexarcadia3038d ago

@GWAVE MAG is a completely different game compared to those other games. Though these other games offer tactical game modes, they don't compare to MAG.

I'm not saying MAG is better than KZ2, or BO, (actually, yeah it's better than BO), but it is a really different type of FPS.

Also, you can get it on the cheap now. Give it a shot.

ThanatosDMC3038d ago

Well, i guess it's a horrible game for newcomers since at level one everything just seems to kill you. I recently just vetted and i forgot how unforgiving it could be. The max i killed at level 4 was 48-11 which is way too high for new players with the basic equipment and the more they die, the less likely they will keep playing the game.

MAG is not a game for casual FPS gamers. If you cant aim, rely on auto aim, want people to die with one knife hit, then MAG is not the game for you.

Once you hit lv 60, it take forever to get to lv 70.

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ijkabob3038d ago

... The beauty of "game of the year" Is that it's an opinion piece. This guy thought that MAG was the best game. And as a guy with 500 hours in mag when my next closest runner up for any other game is probably like 50-100 hours. I completely agree. The gameplay is exactly what I love, going right back to the glory days of Battlefield: Modern Combat for the PS2 (my favorite game on the PS2) This game was a godsend for me when I finally got my hands on it and noticed it was the PS3 version of BF:MC that BFBC had failed to be.

swiftshot933038d ago

I have no interest in MAG, and though Socom 4 is actually looking pretty good, I'm not looking forward to that either. I respect Zipper for pushing boundaries, though.

chainer30003038d ago

No is right. It's a fun game... but best? No, maybe not even top 5.

negroguy3038d ago

Definitely not the best shooter but MAG deserves more cred then it gets.

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