Heavenly Sword Release Mishap?

Although the game was slated for release today, gamers and retailers are fighting past the frustration of yet another release date error. This time is a little different as the game is actually slated to be on sale today...

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sonarus4965d ago

wasnt gonna pick it up till friday anyway so cud care less. i remember when this happened to splinter cell for ps3. it was quite annoying

steriotyp4965d ago

This delay stuff is getting old. I can't wait til they can get their cards in order and release games as promised. Not the retailers fault here, but hey, this is ridiculous.

Rockstar4965d ago

Every Tuesday, Every Friday.
Instead of this Dirt Tuesday, HS on Wednesday, anything on Thursday, Friday?

This Wednesday Dirt, HS and next Wednesday yadda, yadda, yadda, you get the picture.

steriotyp4965d ago

Truthfully, games hit major retailers on Wednesdays unless otherwise stated. Some major game releases (i.e. Halo 3, Rock Band) may elect to have a "special day" just for the game, but most cases, Wednesday is release day. Nobody seems to be following that rule lately though. :(

MACHone4965d ago this a 'mishap.' I work at a Game Crazy and I could have told you a week ago that we wouldn't have the game until the 13th. That's the way it goes for any game that isn't 'street dated.' The same thing happened with Metroid. The release date everywhere listed it as the 27th, but Nintendo's site said "In stores August 28th." That's because games almost always ship the day they're "released" and arrive the following day, with some special exceptions. This is not a "delay." The game will be everywhere tomorrow. Trust me, I'm as eager as the rest of you!

Violater4965d ago (Edited 4965d ago )

Everyone knows this, unless there is some official launch.
If gamestop says shipping on the 12th is on the shelves the 13th.

heh heh, not really I just found out the other day when trying to pick up warhawk :D

EZCheez4965d ago

I got smart YEARS ago and realized to add one day to the release date before I knew I could pick it up. Maybe it's an east coast thing though.

The Brave 14965d ago

First gamestop called me on tuesday evening and said it will be there wednesday afternoon.Then today they called again and said thursday.So i called an individual store where i used to live about 3 miles away and to my surprise they had it,I coulnt wait so i got it today.ITS A HEAVENLY GAME FOR GOD SAKE!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.