PS3 Home To Feature 18+ Casino Area

The PlayStation blog Three Speech featured a new post which shows that Sony chiefs has confirmed that the PS3 Home service will have 18+ areas for trailers and casinos.

The 18+ areas will include a roon to watch 18+ rates trailers for games, movies, etc. They want to have the power basically to try and protect the rooms. The luxury of this though is that if they can make the room 18+ they will be able to have these types of casinos and such and not have to worry about getting in trouble for it.

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SmokeyMcBear5865d ago

that would actually be really cool, to add money to a bank account, play in the casino.. if you win, that money can be used in the play station store to buy games and things, this could be an excellent idea.

lonestarmt5865d ago

I love that idea!! I hope sony is listening. I can just see it now the kinda of nasty rooms now some people will make. lol

Syko5865d ago

A) Without strict regulation that would be considered gambling for real money.

B) In the US ALL internet gambling has been squashed. (Because they couldn't tax it)

C) I predict PORN rooms a plenty.

Still a good idea to be able to seperate M content from T and under content. It will give HOME much more freedom in the end.

nasim5865d ago

I will have hot CHATS with chicks and people would be staring at my achievements in the form of 3D TROPHIES.

XBOTs on the other hand would be having backdated and boring 2D TEXT ACHIEVEMENTS for the CARTOON GAME HALO 3--which features powerpuff kids in GREEN DIAPERS

Sylo5865d ago

Wow Nasim,
I was sitting here wondering how you would tie in the xbox to this. I had no clue you'd bring halo up though...

A lil surprised you didn't mention your usual nonsense of dead systems/formats, or low preorders, but maybe you're growing up.

Pretty cool for the PS3, though.

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DrWan5865d ago

about the texas holdem poker game, if they can be linked to real money, yah it could be a virtual gambling machine.

tplarkin75865d ago

If you do the math, it is impossible to win. You don't even get a 50/50 shot. At best you will win 48% of the time. This means that you lose.

Besides, Man must work since God says so. When you work, you earn money 100% of the time.

Newmanator5865d ago

PS3 can have a casino and Xbox can stick to their crappy UNO game! (I do have an xbox 360 btw)

tplarkin75865d ago

Many games for 360 have casinos. Full games, XBLA games, and mini-games within full games.

PimpHandHappy5865d ago

you cant play for real money. I REPEAT you cant play for real money!

but and this is a big but

maybe you can play for something free. Maybe they can make you a PS3 world poker tour hat/jacket that you can wear around Home? I do like the idea of that. If you had a casino with 18 and over thats a winner. I would love to sit a table with other ppl and talk sh!t while i try and take all there chips and make them mine.

I wont play online anything for money but i will play just for fun and to talk with the other ppl at the table.

sounds cool if they can do it and keep it free

resistance1005865d ago

We can in europe ^_^

lets hope they open a Euro 18+ poker/casino room

Droynas5865d ago

We in Europe can do it so I really hope they have Europeroom for us :D

SimmoUK5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

Home is shaping up to be a really great service, i can't wait for all the studios to get involved some already are and the general public which will have creation tools as well so sweet!

i'm looking forward to TGS so much...

resistance1005865d ago

Yer it will be great to see what rooms the developers create.

I get the feeling the EA one will be huge

popup5865d ago

If there is an EA room, I bet it runs at 30fps.

Rockstar5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

Haha, Funny stuff there.

I just wanted to add...30 FPS if there are no more than 2 users, any more and we'll be looking at some slow down.

Delive5865d ago

Don't forget, Every year, the EA rooms would make updates like, ummmm, Changing 1 picture in the room, Maybe the color of the carpet, change the names of the NPC's, call it an upgrade and charge full price.

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