NAGF's Top Ten Gaming Characters Over the Last Ten Years

John from NAGF writes: "What a decade it’s been! As gamers we’ve been well and truly spoiled for choice across all genres. There’s been so many games released, so many franchises created that it didn’t feel right or fair to do a top ten poll and choose any one winning game character or a favourite. They’re all winners, and any of the below could easily have romped to top spot.

"So, in the spirit of things, we’ve just picked ten characters who stuck in our mind most during the past decade and who we’d love to be friends with in real life. Master Chief isn’t in there though cause we aint really fans of Halo, hyuck hyuck!"

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IrishYamato_3215d ago

"Master Chief isnt in there though cause we aint really fans of Halo".
I've never played Halo before (i dont even own a 360) and i think that MC should be on the list. I think it's unfair to not add characters like Master Chief and Mario, who are the main characters of some of the biggest games this gen. I agree with Kratos being on the list and i think that Nathan Drake should be on the list also. Just my opinion, of course.

Ratchet5103214d ago

Drake is sony's next solid snake, he really should of been on the list, and as sony's platform character they should put Ratchet but there are the haters around.

drewboy7043214d ago

100% agree. You can argue that the Chief is the face of Hardcore gaming this gen. As much as drake should be there he didn't show up towards the latter part of the decade which is why John Marston should probably not be there. Also as amazing as Glados is she was only in one game

Vherostar3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Master chief shouldn't be on the list he's the most bland boring character ever invented. He never shows his face and has no emotions he's basically a robot who follows orders nothing more. Drake should be there though as he has just been awesome this gen.. Marcus Fenix too as he was an awesome character.

HeavenlySnipes3214d ago

Sly, Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank. You may of liked the game but come on, those other characters have appear in many great games.

Also I don't disagree with CJ because San Andreas is the best GTA game ever.

Vherostar3214d ago

Vice City blew it away and was an older game. SA was for wannabe gangsters nothing more.

Ratchet5103214d ago

Marston is a boring chaeracter, captain price who the hell is captain price, o yea that cod character we never heard of. Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson is like any other gangster and that is great, but GTA is really boring. Solid Snake is sony's legendary mascot like nintendo has mario, but snake is the biggest game character now because this topic is prof, do you see mario no because reviews do not matter. Kratos is just bad ass he took over dante's spot and became the best action character that is why god of war beat devil may cry 3 and got goty. The joker is just crazy ass cold blooded killer who dont care lol. The other characters i havent mention i dont have a problem with as long as solid snake is there its fine for me.

NotAGF3214d ago

Aha, conflict!

When we fashioned this poll we tried to be as 'cross-platform' as we could possibly have been - but ten years is an awful long time in gaming. So, for us, it was a case of putting in who immediately sprang to mind. That to us is an indicator of who has made the biggest impact and impression on us as gamers.

It's not like we didn't play Halo - we have. We just don't take to it as keenly as everyone else. Marston, to us, has far more depth and personality than a character such as Master Chief, though we're incredibly respectful of his influence on the gaming industry as a whole.

Mario, from our point of view, is virtually in every single poll ever. We wanted to pick some fresh characters that you can reel off quotes from to your friends and socialise with. Drake just missed out, and PaRappa was also a massive shout, simply cause when we're shopping for onions we turn to our mums and say 'KICK, PUNCH' to her eternal confusion.

But we're happy it's causing such debate and it shows people care, thanks for the comments! Maybe a 'Top 100 over the last 10 years' would have been better...

simonm3214d ago

I agree. This top 10 is more about those that evoked an emotion.

Frank Fontaine/Atlas is a prime example, that pinnacle moment in bioshock was immense.

the joker was phenomenal and well alma made me shit a brick enough times.

Glados is all i am looking forward to this coming decade so hell she deserves it!