DTG: 3 Things Sony Should Do In 2011

The second of three pieces in the 'Should Do In 2011' series for DTG, Brian McCormick puts Sony under the spotlight for some hopeful pleas as to what they should achieve in 2011.

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Focker4203035d ago

What a surprise... cross game chat. *rolls eyes*

zeksta3035d ago

I'm not entirely sure why the hell it's the most wanted feature.. You can already chat to your friends on most games that have online capability, what's so special about chatting to a friend on another game?

It defeats the purpose of Teamwork when you have a 1 on 1 Chat with a person who's playing another game.

Arup023035d ago

MOst of the time i play with people i never saw in my life. So if a friend of mine is playing another game, i prefer to chat with him instead of keep hearing some random dude chatting with me.

jwk943034d ago

Its not just to talk to them across another game, its to talk to them in games that don't have the voice functionality, or to talk to them in a private conversation in COD or uncharted or some other online game. I for one would love this feature, well actually, a party system would be more beneficial.

ABizzel13034d ago

I'd rather have a party system then cross game chat, but I think they're right about everything except move.

I'd rather have my exclusives then a move game. 3rd parties are going to take care of Move for Sony by simply porting over the Wii versions of their games to HD for the PS3. Same game recycled for another sell, always makes sense. The problem is it's taking them so long to do it. It should have been done DAY 1.

Bobbykotickrulesz3034d ago

Being in a PRIVATE chat is what I want. Just myself and whoever else I have in my group, party etc etc. I hate listening to people jabber and I hate having them listening to my conversations.

Spitfire_Riggz3034d ago

Its just a better way to communicate with your friends. Unless you prefer using the dualshock to select each letter.. for now a keyboard.

FrankMcSpank3034d ago

The only Sony really needs to do is market the hell out of their stuff in the States. America is so 360 driven from advertisments that they would go to walmart and buy kung fu panda for the 360 thinking that is the only release of the week and skip uncharted or LBP. That's because MS will put out an ad ever commercial break. "Play Black Ops on Xbox 360." Selling multiplat games like they are exclusives. Marketing Marketing Marketing is the key. Sony has the games, they need to open American's eyes to their great line up.

joeorc3034d ago

yes it's only on playstation Home right now, but playstation home has some great indie development games going on well into next year ..I think many are overlooking that very part of How Home is becoming a great platform for Indie developer's and this artical kinda shows that. In my opinion

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Calm Down Sunshine3034d ago

Being able to ask your bff what he's having for tea isn't improving the GAMING experience is it, kidletts?

The lack of cross game chat really isn't something to complain about.

You "chatterers" have a detrimental affect on teamwork.

beavis4play3034d ago

yea, f#ck cross game chat - give me something to plug into my wall that will charge my ps3 controller, so i don't have to leave the system on to do it!

blumatt3034d ago

There's several third party solutions for that, man. Lots of plug-in charger stations.

beavis4play3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

thanks, blumatt! i wasn't aware there were any available.

bubbles for you!

blumatt3034d ago

And thanks for the bubble up. The mods took one away awhile back because I put several curse words in one of my comments. lol I learned from that mistake, though. haha

oddexarcadia3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

If they want to see a rise in sales of PS+ subscriptions they need to add some solid features. In the current state, gamers are gambling their subscription fees in hopes of getting discounts or games that are appealing to them.

Sony really needs to add some features such as
1. PS2 backward compatibility
2. PS+ exclusive apps such as
3. A library of games that PS+ members can choose from to get their discounts.

Overall, PS+ is on the right track. It just needs to move from being a gaming gamble to an gaming investment.

HeavenlySnipes3034d ago

thats an entirely good idea. Then it'll tun into PS+ getting all the useful apps in the future like possible Google Tv etc.. while normal users get jack shit. I think they should just discount more things to add to the ones they have been doing and continue to offer free games.

Along with that the already give away beta access to popular games and occasionally do stuff like what they are currently doing with MAG. Allowing PS+ users to play the full game free with a level cap at level 8 or so.

oddexarcadia3034d ago

Well normal users get "jack shit" as is. I mean, besides the fact that PSN offers free online gaming.
When you get a PS3, you get access to what you paid for. If people are willing to buy into a subscription, they are getting more. It works the same way on the 360. You guy Gold to get more out of your system as an option. So I can't really see why normal users would be getting "jack shit" when they refuse to get PS+. They would be getting what they paid for, same as the PS+ members.

Calm Down Sunshine3034d ago


We (normal users) are still getting firmware updates and new features, but if that proposed idea was to go ahead then I'm worried that it wouldn't be long before parts of, if not eventually all firmware updates will be strictly for PS+ users.

Lazyeye793034d ago

One great feature that PS+ could introduce is much faster download speeds. Everything I download on the Playstation store downloads at around 2 to 3 Mb.

And no its not my internet connection or wireless connection because my laptop gets around 3x that. When downloading updates for MAG (after the PS Store part) speeds jump up to 5Mb or more. So Sony really needs to increase download speeds.

GeneGodHand3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Ps3 owners have it really good. Honestly i just want Versus to come out already.

beavis4play3034d ago

i'd rather see agent next year than VS

blumatt3034d ago

I want Versus to come out already, and stay PS3 exclusive. I don't care if it's ported later, but I want it developed with all the power of the PS3 used. Then, it can be nitpicked and downplayed to work on the 360. I don't care if 360 owners enjoy the game too, but not at the expense of the PS3 version.

theafroman3034d ago

yea i pretty much agree on that but oddly i feel like its not gonna happen.nothing would make me happier if turned out wrong though.

DigitalRaptor3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Advertise their games. I mean really advertise!

Sony has a killer lineup and it's all well and good us guys on the internet knowing about it, but many of these games deserve big sales and recognition amongst the mainstream and unless Sony makes an effort on that front, they might not get their due.

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