Shh Mom! -- Epic Mickey Review

If you’re still wondering what our opinion on Epic Mickey is, then put on your mouse ears, eat the stolen chikuwa, and get comfortable. This is going to be a long, bumpy ride…

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christheredhead3035d ago

i liked epic mickey a lot. the camera can be an issue at times, but for me it wasn't a deal breaker and it wasn't really all that bad. like the review mentioned it did remind me of older 3d platfomers from the 64 days where the camera was always an issue. overall the game is solid though. good review.

ElementX3035d ago

shh mom? OMFG the website names get more and more lame!

Active Reload3035d ago

Yeah, and on Metacritic, the review probably counts, lol.

silverhawk793034d ago

The name doesn't matter. If you read the About section on the site, it makes sense anyways.

mackormoses3034d ago

At least it doesn't have Game in the title.

MegaBit3035d ago

I fair review. I think too many critics are being brutal with Epic Mickey. It his both good and bad elements. I don;t think it is a flaming turd like some reviews are saying.