Xbox Live Indie Games Holiday Buyer’s Guide

CFD!'s Rob Rich has culled some of 2010's best releases from the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace into this handy guide:

"No matter your faith or beliefs, chances are this is the time of year when you exchange gifts. So after a few weeks of battling through a sea of humanity just to get your hands on a gift card or a super-cheap HDTV, why not use some of that inevitable holiday cash to get yourself an MS Points card? And since you’re swimming in virtual currency, I think it’s high time you considered spending it on something a little different than overpriced map packs and bonus character outfits. I’m talking about the indies, of course.

"They’ve been there for what feels like forever; criminally ignored by the majority of 360 owners. Sure, some of them are brain-hemorrhagingly awful, but there’s also a surprising number of good titles to be had. And not just good titles, but utterly fantastic ones. For the low, low cost of a handful of virtual change you can treat yourself to some of the finest games you’ve never heard of, many of which rival the value-per-dollar of most disk-based entertainment. Your purchases won’t just bring a smile to your face, they’ll also make the holiday season of the hard working folks behind all of that low-cost awesomeness. You see? You aren’t just getting, you’re giving, too."

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RobsteinOne3035d ago

So many games this year, many of which I regret having to cut from the list.

If anyone would like to chime-in with more Xbox Live indie recommendations, please feel free to do so.

Giantsquirrel3035d ago

Indie games are The Worst.

Jezuz3034d ago

no not really, indie games are fun. You are probably one of those gamers who prefers graphics > gameplay.

Arup023034d ago

If you spent the whole day playing FPS, yes, they won't be good. But if you are like many people who can enjoy new games they wont be bad. i've seen great potential in many indie games out there.

RobsteinOne3033d ago

This is true. Although, to be fair, there are a lot of terrible indies available on Live, too. And a lot of them feature Avatars.


tigresa3035d ago

Finally got around to Baby Maker, eh? Lumi looks interesting. I'm getting bored of the massive clones through on the Indie-place, I'm checking it less and less...

ShadowPraxis3034d ago

See - this is why you need the Indie-Dome. We separate the wheat from the chaff FOR you! :D

acronkyoung3035d ago

Wowsers, that's a lot of recommendations.

RobsteinOne3034d ago

I have more, I just stuck with two per category in the interest of space and sleep.

ShadowPraxis3034d ago

Hey, this is culled from almost a year's worth of games. Quite a bit to select from.

thisdustin3035d ago

I loved me some Starlight and Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!

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