Pc Gamer ArmA 2: Private Military Company review

(Evan Lahti) I put my eye to my thermal scope to find the hottest part of the tank (the engine) and poke a 12.7×99mm hole between its pistons; my well-placed shot blows off the last T-55’s steel lid, clearing the way for my civilian inspection team to access the facility. This is exactly what an excellent ArmA 2 mission should be: violent, unscripted problem-solving with realistic military equipment. But oddly, this is one of only three open-ended missions in ArmA 2: Private Military Company’s 11-mission campaign. (Evan Lahti Writer)

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ATi_Elite3037d ago

I think Bohemia rushed this out.
Operation Arrowhead was great and so was British armed Forces.
I like the idea of PMC but have yet to fully check it out.
Still Arma II on it's bad day is the best MilSim out and is one HARDCORE FPS.
Maybe an update will fix some issues to this rush job.

Outpostgamez3035d ago

ARMA2 is by far the best in all areas that is a FPS period, it can and holds up against those cookie cutter models that we call Battlefield and Call of Duty. Though the complaints on ARMA in general is that it is too hard, ahhh booohooo!

NegativeCreepWA3035d ago

Its not to hard, they just overly complicate the controls when theres no need to.

ATi_Elite3032d ago

ArmA 2 is not hard it's just Ultra real. it being a Milsim gives you no room for mistakes or going Rambo.

You have to plan very well to achieve victory. The multiplayer is as fun if not better than BC2 with the huge maps that you operate in with NPc enemies and friendlies all roaming around.

goofing off and cracking jokes with my team when all of a sudden our deuce and a quarter that we were riding in got hit by a couple rpgs from some civilians. 5 mics went silent as we were all dead and in shock. had to wait 2 hours for the next round and buy pizza for the lan party.