PC gamers are winning the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam platform war

When DICE launched the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion they also pulled the trigger on a race to unlock a hidden fifth map. The challenge was for players on each platform to perform 69 million team actions. DICE have thrown up the tally so far, and PC gamers have performed more team actions than the Xbox 360 and PS3 combined.

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akaFullMetal3031d ago

haha, i must be tired, i thought it said that pc owners were whining, when they were winning.

ultramoot3031d ago

Yeah. Just like console fanboys and their weekly "opinion piece" about how PC gaming is dead, right?

toaster3031d ago

I guess PC gamers are just used to teamwork as opposed to little console kids going Rambo and doing whatever they want. Most PC multiplayer games require much more teamwork and coordination than console games of the same genre.

cakeisalie3031d ago

Console gamers are also artificially handicapped due to use of controller.

peeps3031d ago

"Console gamers are also artificially handicapped due to use of controller."

How's that a reason for console gamers to not use teamwork? lol

evrfighter3031d ago

"How's that a reason for console gamers to not use teamwork? lol "

well for starters, they have to use a controller.

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JsonHenry3031d ago

Played this on the console and the PC. And man this game is a totally diff beast on the PC. I mean, night and day different.

ATi_Elite3031d ago

Me myself I consider Bad Company 2 PC a exclusive because as a PC gamer it plays totally different from the PS3 and 360 version to the point that I almost question what I'm playing.

They gimped it for the sake of the controller and it shows. still fun but not the same experience on the PC where teamwork is crucial.

wwm0nkey3031d ago

Shocking, who would have though PC gamers using team work.

Seriously though I got BC2 on the PC during the steam sale. Usually when I play on my 360 its just me and my friends doing all the work for the entire team, on PC though everyone knows what the fuck they are doing.

cakeisalie3031d ago

The average PC gamer is of a much more mature age then the average console gamer, which is why there is strong team work.

CBaoth3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Not on this site.

And in other news, the sky is blue. Really now guys, should this even come as a surprise when you compare install bases?

EDIT: and now that I think about it, what's my reward? Getting a map I played for the 1st time almost 6 years ago! I feel like such a winner /s

ChrisW3031d ago

Well... of course, the VERY LARGE majority of people on this site are console owners. With that in mind, I do have to say that I rarely get repeatedly teamkilled on the PC... in just about any FPS.

That there, is a sign of maturity full of validity.

ct033031d ago

<<more maturity? Not on this site.>>

That's why very few PC gamers even bother with this site.

ChrisW3031d ago

And the PC gamers that do bother with this site are former console gamers... like me.

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peeps3031d ago

I did consider buying it in the steam sale plus the expansion but now it's too late :( and i'm stuck with the ps3 players who still won't give me ammo!!!!!!!

MarcusFenixITA3031d ago

But PC Gaming is dead. Buy a PS3 guys or you are going to miss out some of the best games this gen.

Theo11303031d ago

Yes, We are the Walking Dead

MarcusFenixITA3031d ago

Seriously... get a PS3. You haven't seen anything until you have played Uncharted 2 or God of War 3.

reynod3031d ago

Not amused by either of them really. One is a corridor shooter, the other is a hack and slash(seen many of those). Lol i could play Gow 1 and 2 on PC in 1080p if i wanted but its just not worth my while.

Bolts3031d ago

When there is no room in hell. I play BC 2: Vietnam on Steam.

Theo11303031d ago

I've already bought 2 and sold both of them on ebay, and pawned my 360. I've played all my options but, I like pc gaming better, we have options, and I prefer this one

MarcusFenixITA3031d ago

Ok, if you already had 2 PS3 and prefer PC Gaming it's ok. I've played PC for years too. Now I switched to the PS3. You simply can't deny that the PS3 has some of the best titles this Gen but I understand when someone says that he prefers PC-Gaming. Happy New Year!

Theo11303031d ago

Oh, I don't deny the ps3 has great games, I'm actually thinking about buying one for the 3rd time to play the new Uncharted,I loved both Uncharted games. Mgs4 was alright. I finally got the chance to play FFVII, not my style. Rachet and Clank, and Killzone 2 i liked alot, damn I really need a ps3 now

LunaticBrandon3031d ago


'Best titles this gen' yet I have zero regrets. Face it, most exclusives are only relevant because they are exclusive. They get hyped so much because people need to justify their console purchase. I prefer PC gaming for its advantages and don't need exclusives to feel like I got my monies worth. I'm happy with my purchase based on the product I got and wouldn't feel regret IF there were no PC exclusves next year. You'd be destroyed if the PS3 had nothing exclusive coming out next year.

bobrea3031d ago

How about you own a PC, PS#, and 360. Then you don't miss anything

Pjuice3031d ago

theres just to much time for me to be spent on pc than going from game to game on consoles every game has so much more to offer on pc.

bobrea3029d ago

So what? I have a ton of games I've yet to get to on my PC, but that doesn't mean I won't pick up a new console game that I'm interested in when it comes out.

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killalot1003031d ago

I also just got this game on steam when it was on sale. its a whole lot better. the only problem i have is the controls for helicopters suck ass. console heli flyers would rape in the pc version.

Theo11303031d ago

yeah, I have no clue how to pilot one, but you can have a 360 controller plugged in when you start flying on the pc. Options are the best.

killalot1003031d ago

cool!! I didnt know that, thanks man for the info!!!

Big_Dom3030d ago

Doesn't bother me, fella; but it obviously bothers the fuck out of you. They're dirt cheap and lend to the overal experience. Problem solved.

Big_Dom3031d ago

There's this wee invention that's been around on a PC for well over 2 decades now called a joystick. Ever heard of one? It even looks like a real helicopter stick and everything, and has buttons on it that can be used to fire rockets and stuff.

killalot1003031d ago

I aint going to buy a fucking joystick just to fly a heli in bfbc2 that shouldnt have this shitty controls to start with. tell you what buy me one and mail it to me if it bothers you that much.

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