New Microsoft viral campaign?

Go to and you will see a tv with no picture. Turn the knob and it says microsoft. Turn the knob again and the image is sharper. Turn it again and you get a green logo and then a countdown clock that finishes next week.  What can it be?

After a little bit of searching I found the logo off the screen to be a business logo for, a company that make high performance PC gaming pheriphials.

Is the 360 getting a mouse and keyboard? Or maybe it could have something to do with the rumoured FPS controller for 360. Then again it may be PC related. Only time will tell! 

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drewdrakes5035d ago

The clock doesnt end next week, from the point at which i make this post, it ends in 145:94:30. Thats not 145 hours away, thats (140*100+94)/60 hours away, which places it at 10.1 days away, being august 29th. Which also happens to be the release date of Enchanted Arms.

cue kalamos5034d ago

it is hours/min/sec/ so it ends next week

drewdrakes5035d ago

sorry, its (145*100+94)/60 hours away.

Lucidmantra5034d ago

willing to bet it has something to do with a peripheral (hardware) not software due to the razer logo that flashes up as shown./

GRUNT5033d ago (Edited 5033d ago )

It asks for your E-mail address at the end why does'nt someone enter theirs, and whats with the snake?

nuclearnipple5032d ago

when i clicked the knob it just say censored nothing to do with microsoft??