IGN: Console Showdown 2010: Winner Announced (part 3)

IGN writes:
"Welcome to IGN's Console Showdown for 2010. What's it all about? Well, each year we pit the games available for each system in a battle royale to determine which system had the best line-up for the year. It's not about hardware or services, it's about games and games alone. And guess what? On that basis, the PlayStation 3 has won the last two years. Can it pick up three Console Showdown titles in a row?"

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GWAVE3037d ago

So, IGN uses their own scores (which are rubbish) to determine the overall winner...yeah, that's reliable.

Motorola3037d ago

Just because IGN thinks the console wins, doesnt mean everyone who reads it should follow them. You know what the best is, dont let IGN affect that.

MAJ0R3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

lol why didn't they use metacritic for scores? everyone knows IGN reviews aren't very reliable

Sarcasm3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

It's based on their review scores, which actually makes more sense IMO. Why would they want to rate THEIR opinion on which console is best based on other sites?

Still, IGN has always been favoring the 360. Why? Because if a multiplatform title suffers on the PS3, it gets docked points. But if a multiplatform title suffers on 360, it gets the same score as the PS3. If a PS3 title gets shredded for something like no multiplayer, they say an equivalent 360 game is a great SP game. And don't get me started on their inconsistency with rating graphics.

Oh well, all of this doesn't matter since its just their opinion.

ABizzel13037d ago

I think the second round was still off, and wrong for using excuses like (paraphrase) "Bayonetta was a bad port for the PS3, it was fixed with patches, but it was a bad port at first, and so we can't let them win even though God of War was awesome."

And 30 winning for best family games over Wii.

Not to mention it was based off diversity (Mass Effect 2 RPG/Shooter, Alan Wake Adventure/Shooter, Splinter Cell Conviction Stealth Action/Shooter, Halo Reach FPS). Where's the diversity?

At the end of the day it's all opinion. The PS3's line-up did slump. It wasn't as good as 2009's, but it was still a good line-up.

While the 360's line-up improved. It was mediocre at best, and this year they had a good line-up.

So it's like who wins, the people who killed it last year and feel a some, or the people who did OK last year and did great this year.

At the end of the day the PS3 and 360 had great years this year (equal in my eyes).

RememberThe3573037d ago

Why would they use other scores to form their own opinion? Are you guys high? The is IGN's "Console Showdown," why would they use other reviews?

el zorro3037d ago

Guys, just be honest. The PS3 lineup wasn't as good this year as in 2009. You already know 2011 is going to amazing for the PS3, so just admit 2010 wasn't as good.

Why does the PS3 have to be better all the time at everything in every single way? That's not realistic and makes you guys come off as irrational fanatics.

ABizzel13037d ago

I agree with Remember and El Zorro

The PS3 isn't going to win everything.

But the part I disagree on was the second part of this showdown.

Again at the end of the day it's IGN's opinion. The thing is the PS3 had a good year, just not as good as 2009. And the 360 also had a good year, and compared to 2009 they had an amazing year. At the end of the day both consoles did good.

Commander_TK3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I think Wii won. Nintendo just f***ing spammed with exclusives.

RememberThe3573037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


Exactly. I loved the PS3 exclusives this year but there just weren't as many as there were last year. Thats not a bad thing since we get more games at the beginning of next year.

The 360's holiday line up also didn't get butchered by delays. Both consoles had good a year neither had a great year.

Dac2u3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I decided to count how many multi-platform games scored 7.9 or below on the PS3 and the same game scoring 8.0 or above on the 360.

Virtua Tennis 3
8.0 vs 7.3

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII
8.0 vs 7.0

Need for Speed Carbon
8.2 vs 7.9

Call of Duty 3
8.8 vs 7.8

NCAA Football 08
8.3 vs 7.8

Armored Core 4: Answer
8.0 vs 7.8

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
8.2 vs 7.9

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent
9.0 vs 7.9

And the multi-platform games that scored more than 8.0 on the PS3 vs 7.9 and below on the 360.

....... I couldn't find any.

This brings the PS3 count a lot closer to their 360 count.

Imo, if a game is within a few tenths of a point to the same game on another system, they should just call it equal. The small minute differences aren't going to change the experience from system to system. While, I understand that there were some shoddy ports to the PS3 early on, most of the games are equal.

I'm curious what the results would be if they created the same list using metacritic.


And i doubt we will see this article next year.

There are higher scores for 360 multiplats but wheres the higher score for ps3s final fantasy? You cant argue against fact that ign have one rule for the 360 and another for the ps3 the evidence is staring you in the face.its disgusting that there ment to be proffessionals

lets see if this article is redone next year.

starchild3037d ago

Lord-Phoenix, you obviously didn't read the article. They took all the scores every console received for games above 80, 85 and 90+. The 360 just had more this year on IGN. It's not that big of a deal. If you had more fun with your ps3 this year nothing is going to change that.

Bits-N-Kibbles3037d ago

This is a pointless article. Using your own reviews for a "statistical" winner? rubbish.

TheFreak3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I think that reviewers are being more picky with ps3 games because they expect more from a ps3 title than a 360 title.

ps3 won in my book hands down. Although I have been playing allot on my 360 this year too. The 360 just don't got those exclusives anymore that I can justify putting it on the top spot

Lawliet3036d ago

It would be awesome if they include with the list of games rather than just showing numbers! I'm pretty sure there are crap lot of shovelwares in the 8.5++ rating. Even the 9++ rating is kinda a doubt. Name the GAMES!


Despite the IGN double standards for multiplats, what about exclusives?

360 this year had Halo, Fable, Alan Wake, Metro, Splinter Cell and Mass Effect (it's a console showdown, let's ignore 360/PC multiplat status for a moment).

PS3 had Yakuza, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, God of War, Heavy Rain, 3D Dot Game Heroes, ModNation Racers and Gran Turismo 5.

That's not just a little bigger list on PS3, but a more diverse one too, as in half of it doesn't sport shooter gameplay. Not to mention this year PS3 exclusives weren't all that great but were all at least good games, while 2 or 3 exclusives on 360 bombed, SC Conviction let many fans down, Alan Wake got slammed all around and even Fable 3 had received a lot of (IMO unjustified) hate.

For sure there wasn't just exclusive games this year, but multiplats, don't matter how much you nitpick, aren't different experiences depending on the platform. The motion controls didn't delivered just yet, although the hardwares raised media and public's interest , we have yet to see a good motion only game in either platform. Downloadble games this year shined in both consoles with surprises like Limbo and long awaited games like Dead Nation, but personally I'm yet to be really amazed by this segment, don't see this little games dominating my gaming time nor defining the console's experience. Features, services and non gaming content wise if anything this year PS3 released Netflix, Hulu and PlayStation Plus services, while all I remember from 360 is a price raise on Live subscription.

PS3 didn't had it's best year indeed and 360 was a lot closer this year than the last ones but I really don't see how IGN could say 360 would have been the best experience this year unless those guys really love shooters. Anyway, opnions...

smoothdude3036d ago

I honestly don't care what IGN thinks. I know that I spent most of my time on my PS3, and there is no way the Xbox can compete with the Playstation in 2011, really enjoy playing Kinect. LOL

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Fallouts3037d ago

"so, ign uses their own scores" lmfao!

its their opinion on what console won just as much as it is yours..

why wouldnt they use their scores? its their opinion...

some of you need to stop being such fanboys then your feelings wouldnt get hurt so much and so easy..

specialguest3037d ago

completely agree. It's freakin IGN. Why wouldn't they use their own scores?? haha some people here are just odd.

kinf-of-zon3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@ fallout
There's good ways to make a review and IGN are crap at making one .
@ el zorro

What I'm trying to imply is that IGN review are inconsistent from game to game.

el zorro3037d ago

Except every time they give a PS3 exclusive a high score. Then their reviews are awesome.

Fallouts3037d ago


its their damn opinion! how can that be inconsistent?!

you ppl are so sensitive.. my goodness!

i bet if we all listed are number 1 game of 2010, not everyone would post the same game.

ill start/cheat


they are both a tie.

although im enjoying need for speed too! to many great games to get caught up in shit like this. seriously, if ign bothers you that much IGNnore them.. or just own all consoles and it wouldnt bother you.

DSI3036d ago

Dear IGN,

You were right, they whined like little b!tches. How did you ever know?

RedDragan3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

@ el zorro

"Except every time they give a PS3 exclusive a high score. Then their reviews are awesome. "

That is a load of crap. IGN severely marked down GT5 and didn't even get half way through the game. They actually tried to give the impression that Forza 3 was a better game!!

And I do not want to here this crap that "It is 2010, we expect better now!"

No! Simply no! You compare to the next best thing available, and if Forza 3 is a 9.4 then GT5 breaks through the barrier with a 11!

What exactly was so wrong with GT5 that is was so far behind Forza in the scores? Nothing. IGN are just a troll review site.

MrChow6663036d ago

cmon fanboy if IGN would have favoured the ps3 you'd be here rubbing it on 360 owners and loving IGN, tool

the_best_player3036d ago

I remember IGN said most of their 360s had RROD at the office in a video.

RankFTW3036d ago

My GOTY is MGS: Peace Walker, does that make me a PSP fanboy (I am).

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chidori6663037d ago Show
harrisk9543037d ago

IGN is absolutely biased against the PS3. I say that based upon listening to the Podcast Beyond every week for the past year. For those who don't know, that is IGN's PS3 podcast. Greg Miller is the host and he CONSTANTLY complains that his co-workers hate the PS3 and that they have no one there who wants to play PS3 games. He has pretty much said that he is the only one who supports the PSP at IGN. And, I really don't think much of him either -- he is a clown. The only reason I listen is because it is a regular PS3 podcast and they do talk about PS3 news and upcoming games. But, even on the podcast, they are overly critical of the PS3.

FinalSpartan3037d ago

awww xbox 360 won 2010 i guess. :P there will always be 2011 lol


sorry just enraging the fanboys loool

to me 2010 all platforms had great titles even the psp.

EVILDEAD3603037d ago

LMAO @ people saying IGN should use OTHER site reviews to chose their OWN winner..

This site is classic...

360 won and look at the commenrs wow..

The funny part is if it was the PS3 that won..they'd still be mad


3037d ago
EVILDEAD3603036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

'360 did'nt "won" anything, poor fanboy'

Lol @ the title of the article reading 'IGN Console Showdown: Winner Announced'

Don't be mad at me because I stated the facts of the article

Look..I know you started this account a couple of days ago and you have 10 comments that all are rant all say 'PS3 WINS..360 Sucks..aaarghhh'

We get are mad and you wish still had the Open Zone..

Hey next time when you have your fan kid tantrum..stop typing so might wake up your mom


thereapersson3036d ago

There are no "facts" listed in the article, unless you take everything said at face value. If you do that, then you are more of a shallow moron than previously imagined.

If the 360 had been declared the loser, you would have been the first to comment, or at least the first to stealth disagree. Don't even f*cking lie.

EVILDEAD3603036d ago

There are no "facts" listed in the article, unless you take everything said at face value. If you do that, then you are more of a shallow moron than previously imagined

LMAO @ these fan kids really taking this to a new level..I'll break the down for oyu

FACT is an IGN article that is titled ''IGN Console Showdown: Winner Announced'

Fact #2: The winner of the IGN Console Showdown was the 360

Fact #3: If you can't admit that those are indeed fact of the IGN article then it is indeed YOU that is the 'Shallow Moron' that you appear to be

'If the 360 had been declared the loser, you would have been the first to comment, or at least the first to stealth disagree. Don't even f*cking lie'

LOL @ this guy getting so emotional that he has to curse. So I guess we now know who the multi-account owner of the original reply was.

For your info..I could of cared less who one...but I know YOU DO..and it's pretty that because the 360 won the article is already over 1000 degrees


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Zimmerman3036d ago

What qualifies 'winner"? Declaring a winner implies there was a competition to win, right?

The funny thing is, we've ourselves created this competition of console vs. console. Fans of consoles fall to pathetic lows in attempts to prove that 'their' console is better in some way.

Ultimately, we are making it more profitable for the 'gaming news media' to focus on biased competitions with no point than to report actual news. They make more money if they focus on reporting information based on potential viewership, which is logical.

If we want gaming journalism to improve, we have to show more genuine interest in the NEWS, and ignore articles such as these.

egidem3036d ago

I stopped trusting IGN reviews a long time ago. Partnering up with GameStop was basically the final nail in the coffin. IGN is full of so many 360 fanboys and to prove it, their adds are all over the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Tell me, have you seen a single add from IGN on the PlayStation Network?

Jazz41083036d ago

Nothing unexpected here. My 360 has been getting tons of use this year. Next year however if the 360s lineup does not improve I will be buying all my multi on the 360 and a shit load more exclusives on my ps3. But this past year I would not argue as my 360 rocked.

georgeenoob3036d ago

Holy moley what has this site become. Nothing but PS3 fans on this site, seriously. It used to be fun but these fanboys are overrunning and don't even stop.

Article after article.


starchild3036d ago

I don't come here that much any more and I sometimes feel like just avoiding this place altogether. The idea of the site and the way it works is great (aside from the bubble system), but the fanboys of a certain console really sour it. They don't know how to be rational or fair.

And because I call them out when I think they are wrong they would probably call me an Xbot. When in reality if they actually knew me they would know that I am 60% a PC gamer and have no strong preference towards any of my consoles over the other. I am just a gamer who likes to play good games and I don't like when untruths are passed off as truths. My sense of fairness and justice doesn't allow me to just sit idly by when I believe something is wrong.

PhoenixDevil3036d ago

while i agree with you i still kinda embrace N4G for what it is a gaming website. I can put up with the fanboys on both sides just for the face that i can see some enthusiasm about games and to hear opinions (even subjective ones) is interesting. A cold hard facts gaming website would be good but the website is designed for the audience and the audience will all ways be fans of a certin side (to some level) and we dnt all have to agree but man the personal attacks and blatent disrespect for others is the worst, being a fanboy isint supporting your favourite console, no its making sure you bash the other console - like having a girlfriend you love but then you have to tell every other girl you hate them. Such a shame however i remember this site being 360 central few years back interesting how and why thats shifted the other way now

On topic, I agree with the general flow of this thread IGN seems to have many double standards and inconsistances, personally i dnt care as i got games to play. Thats what its all about

thereapersson3036d ago

You must be new to this website.

A couple years ago, it was nothing but 360 fanboys trashing the PS3 and every single one of its games (read: ports).

The tables have turned, I guess.

Tainted Gene3036d ago

@ above "thereapersson"

While I may agree with you on the tables "turning", I disagree with the "a couple a yrs ago" part.

I been a remember of (N4G since 2008 may I think) but I have been lurking here since 2006 (around the Oblivion reviews I think) and this site has ALWAYS, since I have been visiting here, been heavily PS3 slanted.

I remember I started coming here b/c of the comment system and the hub of gaming news (all in one place) and I somewhat surprised by the huge amount of PS3 support from posters. I figured that it would be a somewhat of a 50-50 split b/w the two Factions (lol, the 360 and Ps3) and it was more like 2:3 in favor of PS3, and that is being generous (since it could have been 1:4 for the way ppl posted here).

Anyway, the point I am making is that a couple a years ago the site was still saturated with PS3 supporters and the xbox ppl were always the small small minority (again since I have been visiting since 2006). The only time i remember the site being more favored towards the 360 was during the 2007? or 2008? e3 when FF13 was announced for 360. The articles and posts were all ppl rejoicing or cursing the events that transpired. But that only lasted for a few weeks until ppl started downplaying and disregarding FF13 as a real FF game or whatever.

So unless I just missed the 360 PS3 switch in 2006 I never can recall when the 360 ppl were ever the majority.

wow.... that is a wall

jessupj3036d ago

The fanboys probably wouldn't be so vocal if there wasn't so much bias in the media against the PS3. The level of unprofessionalism is appalling.

Maybe when the journalist actually start doing their job properly the fanboys will stop feeling victimised.

Tainted Gene3036d ago

oh, I just wanted to add the FF13 N4G article for reference, took me awhile but I found it.

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antz11043036d ago

LMAO, I couldn't read the article due to being blocked at my job but I can tell by the agree/disagree ratio that 360 won.

MNicholas3036d ago Show
CrIpPeN3036d ago

I know PC is not a console but it always win in prices of games and graphics/gameplay there is some bad ports out there though :\

Resident Evil 4 for example and GTA IV.

elpresador3036d ago

If IGN give the 360 the thumbs up they are biased but if the ps3 takes it, they are a fair and balanced site.

Oh well, what ya gonna do. I will say this is by far the WORST gen ever when it comes to fanboyism and blind devotion.

ALthough had the net been around back in te early 90s I think SNES vs Genesis would have blown this gen away as THAT was about just as bad.

Stil, why do people care about these articles I mean even saying a cosole has WON, what did it really win? I mean are all the owners gonna get a cookie from ign or somtehing?

jessupj3036d ago

It's funny how people actually believe sites like IGN arn't bias.

You're right about their being a double standard, but it's not the fanboys that are doing it.

elpresador3031d ago

People see bias whenever they read something they dont agree with. On this site whenever something even seems to be pro 360 in the slightest it is seen as biased but if pro ps3 it is fair and balanced. People just need to grow up and realize that a site is not biased just cause you dont agree with them.

edgeofblade3036d ago

I'm sorry GWAVE, but we all know which way you lean. At least IGN tries to retain some semblance of fairness, where I don't expect anything like that from you.

Quite frankly, I agree with their opinion, but I give it as much credence as anyone else's opinion, including my own. Everyone's entitled to one. It's just the asstards who think they can distill their opinion down to a universally accepted fact who ruin it for everyone else.

I think it's time we took control of N4G from the PS3 trollerati and gave it... to everyone. And that's really easy to do... vote down people who beat people over the head with faulty logic.

Sony3603036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Watch the legions of Ps3 fans label IGN as "biased" now. lol

All you need to do to be labeled as "biased" these days is not unconditionally shower the Ps3 with ass pats.

Bonerboy3036d ago

Let me own a PS3.

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stonecold33037d ago

ps3 won for me i dont take bias site like ign seriously. ps3 won because of most exclusives this year followed by the wii and most of xbox games can be found on pc. best combined would be ps3 , pc peace out ?

Quagland3037d ago

Were they biased the last 2 years as well?

awesomeperson3037d ago

If they said XBOX won last year there would have been an uproar :P

RedDragan3036d ago

And rightly so. Every site is saying that Xbox has been terrible the last few years, including 2010... except IGN America.

Now surely you guys must think that is somewhat odd?

Genesis53037d ago

That's what I use. PS3 + PC + Steam Sales = More games than I can keep up to.

nnotdead3037d ago

i guess people expect you to have more time and money. lets not forget the great freeware and browser games that come along each year on the PC(even Mac and Linux).

Commander_TK3037d ago

"PS3 won because of most exclusives this year"

Sorry to disappoint u there, but the PC had the most exclusives this year followed by the Wii.

nnotdead3037d ago

i would say PC then at least one of the handhelds.

thesummerofgeorge3036d ago

PC ain't a console, smartass.

Sony3603036d ago

Most exclusives =/= best console.

Dylantalon13037d ago

ign reminds me of G4TV because they are all rubbish

life doomer3037d ago

I wonder why they didn't do this last year.

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