Destructoid: The most wanted PC games of 2011

As a PC gamer, there's a lot in 2011 to be excited about. On Monday, Hamza and Nick gave you their most anticipated 360 games. Yesterday had Jim and Samit telling you about what's going to be hot on the PS3. Today, Jordan Devore and I bring you a list of the PC games we're most excited about.

One thing you may notice about all our lists this year, particularly more so than in the past, is that there are simply less exclusive games across all platforms, and as such we have less exclusive games on our lists. Many of the games on this particular list will be coming out for console as well, and will be great purchases no matter what platform you get them for. However, they're here on the PC list because we think that the PC versions will be either exceptionally well done, or the definitive experience.

Exclusive or not, there's a lot of stuff releasing in the next year you'll want to keep your eye on. Hit the jump to find out what we'll be waiting for.

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Xfanboy3035d ago

The Witcher 2,Red Orchestra 2,Guild wars 2,star wars mmo,Diablo 3,Crysis 2 are some Im looking forward to!!

chak_3035d ago

lot of good game planned for 2011.

I'd really like to have BF3 !

Agent-863034d ago

I'm really surprised that BF3 didn't make the list, as well. BF3 is going to be epic!