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Deep down, all videogames are about one thing: offering cool experiences that you won’t get anywhere else, whether it’s clearing a board in Peggle or watching Aerith die for the nine billionth time. They’re what keep us coming back, over and over again, and they’re the memories that are instantly dredged to the surface of our minds every time we hear a game’s title.

2010 has, unsurprisingly, been a great year for unforgettable moments like these, whether they’ve been unexpectedly awesome set-pieces, particularly impressive cutscenes or just a cool thing we found lying around. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable ones.

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offdawall3034d ago

GOW3 is my favorite of 2010 ... those boss battles are the best i ever seen in videogames period

FinalSpartan3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Beating Poseidon was so epic and brutal loved that scene! my favorite in the whole game haha Kratos is crazy :P

SMG2 classic level was great memories.

jeseth3034d ago

Agreed. GOW3 had the most amazing action sequences all stuffed into one game.

After watching this list, I also come to realize that after all the dust settled. . . . Castlevania LOS was one of the top 3 or 4 games that I played. It is completely forgotten for some reason. Its much better than Bayonetta (13 year old Japanese Anime Porn game) and as much as I am surprised by saying it, is right up there with God of War 3.

LOS had great enemies, characters, story, voice acting, breathtaking set pieces and graphics, and a great battle system.

Other great moments in this list I loved this year were :

-The car chase in The Bear from Heavy Rain (the scene where you try to escape from the surgeons basement was also insanely intense!)
-Kicking the Ewoks in Unleashed 2. Hilarious, I laugh every time.
-In Red Dead, I definitely would have chosen the "end" of John Marston. I was pissed when this happened after all you go through with him in the game.

Lastly, the opening sequence of Enslaved was pretty incredible. It takes a little from UC2's opening but either way was fast paced, action packed, and an exciting way to open a game.

2010 was awesome . . . Can't wait for January 2011 . . start the year off right with Dead Space 2!!!

Hudahudahuda3034d ago

"Bayonetta (13 year old Japanese Anime Porn game)"


In all honesty Bayonetta is a terrible mary sue character. And the whole game revolves around making the dumb whore look good. And then you have those terrible melodramatic cutscenes and same music over and over.

I thought Dante was bad too but he did make me laugh at times and DMC3 is a great game. Unlike Bayonetta.

BLACKBOIJONES3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

IMO God of war had the best moment.Who agrees with me that the TITAN battle was one of the most EPIC boss fight in gaming history.From the graphics to when chronos ate kratos and kratos cut throw his tummy with the guts hanging out. Damn...Fun times!!!! :)

Booyah3034d ago

Dude... I did it 100 times in a row... that was beyond epicness !


lol I did mine only 21 times so far :D. And lets not forget when kratos cut of that fast guys legs off, i cnt remember his name but i can remember how he was begging for his legs :)

jeseth3034d ago


Also . . . bashing in Hercules' face was probably the most sadistic and violent beating in the whole game. It adds to the sadistic-ness of it when you consdider they are half brothers!

Focker4203034d ago

Now I've already played the game many times, but for those that haven't , how about a spoiler warning next time.

playboi283034d ago

Those were some good choices but wow there were tons of spoilers. If you haven't beaten every good game this year, do not read this article...

InTheKnow3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

There have been some sweet moments...where to start...

I'm not a huge fan of elongated Boss battles/hack N slash games but fighting my brother in GOW was interesting especially since Kratos didn't want to...what is it about brothers fighting???...

Alan Wake was a beautiful looking game with many great set pieces. In this clip, we see Rusty who earlier in the chapter we meet during the day to pick up the keys to the cabin while he was helping his dog who was injured in a bear trap. Being able to explore the lodge during the day and then seeing it all messed up at night was an eye opening scene...what happens to Rusty is just sad as he was such a nice The first 4 chapters are shockers...

Splinter Cell Conviction...

Great game with a great story...SPOILERS***SPOILERS... Sam finding out about his daughter was a great twist...

Halo Reach...Surprise...they all way ALL of noble team died was sad. At least they all died as hero' of the best Halo games I've ever played, fantastic visuals...well done Bungie

Renting Metro 2033 and while playing realizing the game was actually really good...hadn't heard anything about it...wins award for most surprising....

CoD: Black ops...the ending of course...

donkeydoo3034d ago

I agree GoW III was awesome, but i prefer the fight with Cronos.

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