Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - Pro Skater vs. Skate Interview Interview's Activision regarding Tony Hawk's Proving Ground. The interview touches base with EA's up coming SKATE.

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ajcormier915066d ago

I don't care what they say, in 6 years Skate will be better then Tony Hawk. The graphics are already better. Yea if you like jumping up 15 feet in the air and having a rush that way go ahead and get Tony Hawk. But if you want a realistic game go with Skate. The only Big thing Tony Hawk has over Skate, besides the fakeness, is the editor. I will give Tony Hawk that, it is nasty. I use to be a big Tony Hawk fan, but with the realalistic of Skate, I could not put it down, or go back to another Tony Hawk Game. Skate: 8.5 out of 10 Tony Hawk: 8 out of 10

socalr65066d ago

I will be getting skate when it comes out. I loved the demo. The thumbstick control is more realistic.

Genki5066d ago

Been tired of Tony Hawk since the third installment....what a painful experience. Skate looks different enough, I might pick it up.

PS3n3605066d ago

"you might want to grind a telephone wire" What a douche. Skate owns TH in every way. Tony hawk is like ridge racer and skate is like GT5 and Forza. The Skate demo is more entertaining than all the THPS games combined. Sorry Tony but your franchise is like Bonite...weak. Oldschool skaters remember bonite or should i say black construction paper.