Gametrailers GOTY awards Day 8

Includes best Software Lineup, Best FPS, and Best Trailer

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HolyOrangeCows3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

They picked Black Ops as best FPS.
Shocker. /s

GT's picks have always made me want to vomit.

And while I'm certain to get gruff for expressing my opinion (And plenty of ZOMG TEH FANBOYZ), I don't think that the Xbox 360 should have won best lineup over the Wii.

(IMOzorz) Most of Xbox 360's lineup fell very short;
Splinter Cell: Conviction had poor AI, was short, held your hand too much, wasn't a traditional SC game, and had shoot 'em up sections.
Crackdown 2 was a re-skinned Crackdown 1 with the worst type of enemy as its main focus. The missions didn't take advantage of your powers the way that the first did.
Alan Wake required DLC to truely complete the story. It was short and not as good looking as it should have been for a mostly corridor shooter.
Halo Reach took too many hints from Call of Duty to the point of becoming like it.
And Mass Effect 2 is available on the PC and soon Ps3.
As for Kinect, it's not something that 95% of 360 owners are even interested in. Abandonment of your current userbase doesn't count as a thumbs up for the software lineup as a whole, not in my book.

And did everybody like GT's special emphasis on Dance Central?
GT is owned by MTV networks, btw.

karl3033d ago

absolute comedy ... have a laugh dude

we all know 360 barely has a few exclusives

SnakeMustDie3033d ago

The Wii should have won best lineup. GT losing credibility more.

killer_tornado3032d ago

You could have said "i'm butt-hurt" and be done with it

ssj2gohan833033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Xbox 360 winning best line up is complete and udder BS. The Wii should have won that title. Yes, the 360 and PS3 both had an awesome line up this year, but that doesn't excuse the Wii having a wicked year that spanked both with a holey hickory paddle.

Black Ops winning best FPS? That title should either belong to Reach or Bad Company 2.

BeaArthur3033d ago

Clearly they didn't play the broken POS that is the PS3 version of Black Ops. If they had they never would have made that FP....migrating lobby closed.

jessupj3032d ago

Wow, Black Ops for best FPS is probably the biggest joke of the entire year. That single award is a bigger joke than the whole of IGN combined.

Amazing how so called "professionals" can be the biggest fanboys of them all.

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