Rockstar Table Tennis looks great on Wii

Wow. With these first shots of Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis on Wii, Rockstar is really spoiling us - and pretty much making a mockery of Wii's worst looking game ever, the eye-pokingly ugly Cruis'n. Who'd have thought one of 360's best games would transfer so well to Wii?

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ItsDubC5065d ago

Very nice. Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht has been calling on Wii devs to up their game in terms of graphics for some time now (and he just reiterated that notion in a recent interview). Looks like R* got the memo.

The deciding factor for me will be the controls though, not the graphics.

SacT0wnF1n3st5065d ago (Edited 5065d ago )

When is this game coming out anybody know? Thanks guys.

Trick Nolte5065d ago (Edited 5065d ago )

Late October Sir. This game was cool on the 360 I expect it to be good here as well given what ItsDubC said: tight control.

Basch5065d ago

Games seldom photograph well, so when one comes along that does you can tell it's rather promising.
One thing that did concern me – the JPEGs GamesRadar put up were so badly compressed that the textures look horrible (at least, I hope it was down to image compression)!

Komrad5065d ago

Look at that, pony tail inside the guys back, that is awesome!

iNcRiMiNaTi5065d ago

but the wii's control might actually make this game worth playing

ReBurn5065d ago

It was a good game on the 360. The game played and looked good, and the clever use of rumble was a plus. I'll probably rent it for the Wii just to compare how it controls. It is a good game and seems right for the Wiimote.

iNcRiMiNaTi5065d ago

is it still worth gettin today tho?..i saw it at my gamestop like around $20 new, or should i wait for a final review on the wii version?

VirusE5065d ago

The game rocked on the 360! It took a few trys to figure the game out but once you did it was like crack.

Trick Nolte5065d ago

You should hold off for now. The Wii is the perfect platform for this kinda stuff.

iNcRiMiNaTi5065d ago

but that doesnt guarantee it will be better, ill try out both to see which one i want

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