Top 10 Xbox Live Arcade Games of 2010

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"This year was a huge one for Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade game service, with hundreds of titles to choose from, including arcade games (After Burner Climax, Crazy Taxi), original titles (Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1) and some quirky ones that found their way into audiences’ hearts (Costume Quest, DeathSpank). However, only ten could find their way onto our final list of favorites for the year 2010, and after a long, painful process of elimination (Shank was THIS CLOSE!), we’ve come up with our contenders. Let the countdown commence!"

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UltimaEnder2849d ago

2010 could possibly be the best year in XBLA history, as far as quality new releases and remakes go....nice!

GWAVE2849d ago

XBLA did indeed have one of its best years. There were several must-buy games.

Yi-Long2849d ago

... from this list: ilomilo. It's absolutely fantastic. Easily in my top 2 XBLA games of the year, together with SMB!

Terror_B2849d ago

The games on Live put everything on PSN to shame.

DMason2849d ago

@Yi Long

I believe ilomilo doesnt officially release for XBLA until Jan 5. There was a secret trial you could download back in Nov, and a Win Phone 7 game, but the official release isnt until next year.

Yi-Long2849d ago

... it wasn't just a trial you could download. You could unlock the complete game, which I've been enjoying for well over a month now I believe, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a 2010 release... :)

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LaurenKB1232849d ago

Number 3 should be number 1...

Arup022849d ago

SMB still on top. Amazing game.

Freak of Nature2849d ago

Super Meat Boy along with Limbo for me...Too close to call...

Dread2849d ago

Fantastic list.

this is somthing that MS has excelled at and have not been given enough credit. Xbox Live is perhaps the reason why the 360 is so popular.

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