Famitsu Confirms Eternal Sonata for PS3 in Spring 2008 and report that this week's issue of Famitsu confirms that Eternal Sonata, or Trusty Bell as it's known in Japan, is set for release for PlayStation 3 in Spring 2008.


A page scan of Famitsu is included. Please see Alternative Sources.

Famitsu reports some details of the PS3 version: it will contain two new playable characters, Crescendo (who uses a mace and shield) and Serenade (who uses a staff,) and let playable characters change costumes during the course of the game. (Translated by Shin from the forums.)

Several members from the forum point out that the screenshots from the scanned pages come from the PS3 version - because the interface layout looks different from the Xbox 360 version.

The PS3 version will be released in Japan. It is unclear at this moment whether the PS3 will have an English version.

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RadientFlux5672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

good, personally I am gonna rent it next week to get a better understanding of the story before I decide to purchase it or not

Marceles5672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

That's cool, I didn't like the 360 demo too much..the graphics were good but the gameplay felt like a dumbed down Secret of Mana. Attack attack attack and then before your time is up, do a super move. But if this sells alot in Japan, it'll show how much Japan is ignoring the 360 hehe

N4GayFanturds5672d ago

"But if this sells alot in Japan, it'll show how much Japan is ignoring the 360 hehe"

They are. It's not because MS has a bad product or something that they aren't interested in. It's because MS is an American company. So, for example, the same goes for the auto industry. They tend not to buy American cars. They stray FAR away from 'imports'.

Fighter5672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

I loved that game. But I was a kid then so my opinions might differ now.

SmokeyMcBear5672d ago

so dragonballz.. how is the ipod doing there in japan? Is it selling well? Plain and simple. quality is quality, and a good product is a good product.

barom5672d ago

ignorant fools.

Reason why X360 is doing so bad is not because it's an american company who made it. It's because no one knows about it. The loyalty bull is just a myth. Even Sakaguchi (Blue Dragon, FF series) agrees that the marketing in Japan is bad. No one knows about it. They're shelf space is like at the back of the corner somewhere where very few people go. Or in some basement or something like that.

No one knows about X360

MarioFromTexas5672d ago

If you are trying to win customers, you don't release a half azz product and expect people to buy it. Xbots are the only ones that are OK with sending in their consoles for repairs and waiting for a month or 2. How can you blame the japanese for not buying the 360? 360 sh1tty hardware, power brick, pretty sums it up why they are not buying 360? not because it's american...dumbazz

WilliamRLBaker5672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

You people dont know the japanese have any japanese friends or even undertstand them.

Heres a simple fact, VIDEO GAMES make up something like 40% of money made in japan when it comes to hard goods, Or hard Retail in tech, Thats a section of tech Called Video games (Pc,Console,Mobile) That makes over 40% of the money made in the tech sector.

The japanese are ruthlessly capable of being nationalistic to any company that threatens their dominance in an area that makes them money (the japanese are just as greedy as any one else) And are capable on levels of China when it comes to communist abbilities to make a product officially the government/Peoples choice.

AS for Marketing? lol how much do you have to market? If a person knows the system exists and it plays these games thats all you need to know, So because microsoft doesn't have prepubecent sounding japanese girls wearing skimpy dresses markting its product then its bad marketing?

No its nationalistic values based upon a product that generates PER CAPITA amazing money for the japanese populace.

P.S: The ipod is a different matter, Since The japanese came up with the FIRST MP3 player, Do your research, And Like every where else Ipod has totally monopolized the market, Specially japan cause Apple are smart in marketing the passion of the infinintely tiny to the japanese, They love Tiny tech, If you had an portable game machine in a pen they'd buy it.

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Clinton5145672d ago

2007's overused term/word was "SKU" 2008 shall be "timed/exclusive"

CrazzyMan5672d ago (Edited 5672d ago )

"The PS3 version of the title is also reported to offer two new playable characters, Crescendo and Serenade."
cool! =)

lost planet on pc, geow on pc, bioshock on pc, viva pinata on pc, dead rising on pc, ace combat 6 on ps3, eternal sonata on ps3...

looks like all x360 games soon all later come to other platforms, so if you are not in a hurry, you will be able to play almost all x360 tittles on ps3 or pc. =))

N4GayFanturds5672d ago

Most Sony Fanboys aren't in a hurry--that's why they Wait B3yond.

Too bad to get the best enjoyment out of most of those games, you'd need XBL. And playing single player games w/o achievements feels like something missing now.

And we all know about P$3 ports. So yea, go ahead & wait for sloppy seconds.

Clinton5145672d ago

You going to keep acting like an infant and calling everyone fanboy while hitting that disagree button? Keep doing it.

synetic5672d ago

shut up DragunBallZ xbox 360 is no better than ps3 in playing the games online ( games ) yeahh xbox 360 have more online stuffs like buy hd episodes or track the games you play , msn ... but its no different when playing the game online ( YOU LOOSE ) wait theres a different for ps3 ITS FOR FREE .

tell me a game in xbox 360 that can have 40 players like resistance ?? can you make server in xbox 360 like in warhawk ?? and play the game at the same time ??

elders scroll PORT for ps3 is much more superior than in xbox 360 graphics much better loadings 2x more fast

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