GamesRadar receives Top Secret information about new WWII game

GamesRadar love getting post, especially if it has Top Secret written on it in big red pen, so imagine the faces when an envelope stamped with those immortal letters was delivered in this morning's post.

Upon opening it however GamesRadar were less than overjoyed to find all the "Top Secret" information was in German. After trying the best to translate it, and failing miserably, GamesRadar contacted a German friend who did a much better job.

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Droynas4057d ago

Am I the only one that's getting tired of all the WWII games out there? Feels like I played that war over and over and over again...

DwightOwen4056d ago

I've probably killed more virtua-Nazis than the Allies killed of the actual ones. I like that CoD4 is taking their series in a new direction. WWII has been done to death.

urban bohemian4056d ago

Worst article I have seen in ages, but point and click games are pretty fun.

AliC4056d ago

Getting bored of WWII games myself, to many games if you ask me. Time for a bit more imagination and not using tired old ideas.

xc7x4056d ago

looks meh but could play well?