Gun sequel poster in Tony Hawk Proving Ground demo

Those who downloaded the new Tony Hawk Proving Ground demo on Xbox Live may have spotted the above poster in the sample. The poster advertising rumored sequel "GUN: Magruder's Ghost" is either a really big tease or a really unconventional game announcement.

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xaphanze5069d ago

I hope its true. I enjoyed the original Gun.

JsonHenry5069d ago

I enjoyed the Original Gun. This time around I think it would be better to make it more gritty, and somewhere like San Francisco back in the 1800s. Imagine a GUN with the style of gameplay similiar to Assasin's Creed only with a western theme and instead of Stealth attacks all out six shooter gun battles.

Syko5069d ago

Ya, even though it was kinda laughable on the 360 in the graphics department. It had plenty of enjoyable moments for a launch title. I would like to see a sequel.

tplarkin75069d ago

It better not be a PS2 port, like the first Gun. I never played it since it was essentially a PS2 game.

iNcRiMiNaTi5069d ago (Edited 5069d ago )

but i heard it was pretty decent

OT : that tony hawk demo is really lame...its so fake compared to skate