Go! Gaming Giant: Raskulls Review

From the review:

"The side-splitting story involves a small band of Pirats (pirate rats) who have crash landed and need to use the Raskulls’ shiny stone as fuel for their ship. Despite being stranded without fuel, they have an arsenal of Robotnik-esque robots at their disposal, which they will use to steal the shiny stone. In order to catch the would-be thieves, the King Raskull has devised a half-assed plan involving a tournament and several of the kingdom’s inhabitants, most of whom spend most of their time getting in your way for no good reason."

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omicron0093033d ago

this looks like a really fun game, have to give it a try.

Rah5er03033d ago

My brother would have loved this game too..oh well- his birthday still coming up..

teh3032d ago

i might look into this one. doesn't look to bad