Indie Games Winter Uprising Spotlight on Xbox Dashboard "How's this for a complete turn-around - just two months ago, Microsoft had dumped the Xbox Live Indie Games in between Avatars and The Game Room, and now the Indie Games Winter Uprising has been granted its own spotlight on the Dashboard.

That's right, Microsoft has actually done something nice for its indies! A special Indie Games Winter Uprising panel has appeared on the Xbox Dashboard, leading to a list of all the available Uprising games. Not all the Uprising games have been released yet, but we're told that each will be added as released."

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wwm0nkey2877d ago

Good to see Microsoft supporting indie devs.

Cajun Chicken2877d ago

Ironic that the actual Indie Developers had to advertise the service whilst MS wanted to hide it for a few weeks.

kissmeimgreek2877d ago

Not really.

MS had nothing to do with prising, A bunch of devs just got together and decided to do it. Im just excited MS are paying so much attention to the Indie games.

Vega752877d ago

I like the fact that MS allows you play these indie games as a trail before you purchase the game. Which is great because it would suck to spend money and the game sucks. Your just out of luck if the game isn't good.

wwm0nkey2876d ago

This isnt Microsoft sponsored, this is Microsoft just showing good will twords the indie creators.