Modify Your Logitech DFGT Pedals For More Resistance

GTPlanet: One of the most frequent complaints about the popular Logitech Driving Force GT is the pedals. The brake, in particular, can be quite “squishy”, making it more difficult to accurately gauge the force being applied.

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Burning_Finger3032d ago

It look stupid. I think I'll just save some money for TM GT2.

karl3032d ago

jua jua

who doesnt agree with him? u really think that looks cool?

anyway.. its quick fix if u dont have the money for a new one

Spartacus54053032d ago

I still need to modify my wallet to buy one for GT5

hiredhelp3032d ago

lol @ DevilDog its money well spent my freind. beleave me i have one

Bounkass3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Lol, this mod is so lame... Looks stupid, and hardly works. Jwust put an open coil-spring on it. That does the job here perfectly.

Edit: Btw, I'm, running a G27 wheelbase with official DMP wheel, G25 gearbox and G27 pedals. Heaven.