Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands only $9.99 with FREE SHIPPING at Best Buy

If you want to fulfill your destiny of being a kick-ass Prince (or maybe you just want to pretend to be Jake Gyllenhaal), either way Best Buy can help! For a limited time only, Best Buy is offering a copy of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands for only $9.99 with FREE SHIPPING! This deal is good for both the Xbox 360 version, and the PS3 version.

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fromasterjay2948d ago

I agree... I hear the platforming sections of the game are the best yet!

Welshy2947d ago

they are =)

if it wasnt for PoP we may never have met our good friends Altair or Ezio =O

cakeisalie2947d ago

"$10 is hard to beat!! "

Not really, Steam had it for 5USD this sale.

CrzyFooL2947d ago

Game was pretty damn good. Platforming makes your fking hands sweat!! Combat was meh - but you can freeze and jump off waterfallz zomgawd!!

showtimefolks2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

than a saw few reviews between a 7.5-8.0 so not bad and 10bucks make it a easy choice

yesterday i got SC:C for 9.99 today this for 9.99

Welshy2947d ago

i LOVED this game, that price is an absolute bargain.

been the first true PoP since the PS2 classics, platformings fantastic.

even got my platinum trophy for this =)


nygamer282947d ago

ill stick with my SC:C for $10

Welshy2947d ago

WOW! conviction for that price??

not too shabby at all but SC:C and PoP are kinda different genres haha :P

DaCajun2947d ago

Gotta love the trolls!!!! WTF does SC:C have to do with PoP? Absolutely nothing except in the minds of trolls.

showtimefolks2947d ago

offered SC:C for 9.99

but anyone is this game really even worth the $10?

ps3rider2947d ago

what i love about this game is the old school of Prince of Persia.
but it has been enhanced with a beautiful looking in the view of graphics. along with the combat mechanism and the creative platforming.

What i hate about this game that it copy so many scene from different other game like god of war and batman.the long of this game was too short and straight most of the time

TroyAndAbed2947d ago

Too much!

This is the worst game in the series.

The story was absolutely the most generic thing I've ever had the displeasure of not caring about. The dialogue didn't help either. Just when the platforming starts to get interesting, the game ends.

It was a massive letdown after the incredibly atmospheric and well-written Prince of Persia.

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