PSN New Year Events

Play for money, save money or get stuff for no money. PlayStation Network has you covered from now until March 31, 2011 with exclusive giveaways, tournaments, and offers.

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omicron0093039d ago

lots of good events this holiday season :)

aceitman3039d ago

is there a store update to day or no

tman6923039d ago

Will resume next year. See you in 2011!

Murgatroyd73039d ago

I've really been enjoying some of the gaming sales lately, but the PS3 is seriously lacking. It's a good attempt, though, I guess.

UltimateIdiot9113039d ago

So what games are you waiting for to go on sale?

Murgatroyd73039d ago

Well, any. I don't see any mention of games being on sale; it looks like it's just movies and contests (unless I missed something). There are some good deals for people who like to watch movies on their PS3 or PSP, but I'd rather have some good game deals. I've taken advantage of a ton of great deals on XBLA, but my PS3 needs some love too!

Rah5er03039d ago

I definitely want Megaman Maveric Hunter for PSP, but I think it's only discounted in Europe, either way, I want that game.

what are you waiting on?

Murgatroyd73039d ago

Didn't that go on sale back in September?

xX TriiCKy Xx3039d ago

Those aren't giveaways. Those are contests.

Black-Helghast3039d ago

Good thing they warned me about the Spoilers in the Heavy Rain video. :3

Rah5er03039d ago's a little of both actually (gift cards/CD's)

-but it's still pretty sweet though

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