Is Marvel Planning A “Secret Wars” Game?

When they hear the words “Secret Wars” with relation to Marvel Comics, most fans’ minds go back to the 1984 superhero crossover story that’s perhaps best-remembered for being the event during which Spider-Man acquired the black symbiote suit and brought it back to Earth with him.

There was a follow-up to the event, titled Secret Wars II, but this focused primarily on the Beyonder, the being that arranged the original Secret Wars, and is obviously not as well-recognized. A third crossover, simply titled “Secret War” (without the “S”) exists as well.

Marvel recently filed a trademark for “Secret Wars” in relation to videogame products.

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AceofStaves3034d ago

So much nostalgia for "Secret Wars." I still have the original comics, and I'd definitely purchase a game based on it.

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Lord_Doggington3034d ago

I vote for Days of Future Past or make a serious Infinity Gauntlet/Wars series.

RedRedSuitSDF3034d ago

I have both, Secret Wars, 1 and 2 of the comics series. This would be awesome!

NewMonday3034d ago

In response to the article the Marvel games are in their own continuity, so problem with SW being ultimate alliance 2.

The series actually has 4 games, remember it started with x-men legends.

IMOO M:UA2 is a step back, MUA1s the best.

Chuk53034d ago

Holy s***!!!
Can't be true.

Lahey3034d ago

Never read Secret War. Might have to check it out

violent80sarcade823034d ago

I Can't Wait For This i have a couple of these old class!cs all the characters would be insane if they really made this game i want to use dr octopus and archangel(x-men)

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