Great new music video: 8-Bit Ho

"Funny new music video called 8-Bit Ho is user made and has a good beat with fun lyrics from gaming's past."

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KofiKingstonPSThree3037d ago

Old school lol I have to get the lyrics to that!

KornChildz3037d ago

If you visit the link provided in the article, it'll take you directly to the lyrics. :)

LostWithoutTraces3037d ago

Mario, Link and Mega Man are the most iconic characters of the 8-bit era imo so perfect choice for the music video. Like with most raps for me personally it was a little hard to tell what they were saying but it did sound good.

TOYstoryManIam3037d ago

"Cause you an 8 bit ho." That was hilarious and your right about that trio. And that's the secret to rappers success! They purposely make it fast and non-understandable so you have to listen multiple times to bump up their hits...jk..kinda

cathyokunga3037d ago

Heheh that guy was cute. Funny video and makes me wish I had friends that were talented in music and film editing so I could do something like this one day.

Hozi893037d ago

hahaha...that's hilarious!

CrzyFooL3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Excuse me princess - you're an 8 bit ho!!

What's it take to get my cartridge blown!?


Also: Watch after the credits!! BANGBROS reference!!

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