If The Real World Operated on Video Game Logic

"Ah, if only the real world could be more like a video game. There, wounds heal instantly and death lasts only as long as a load screen. The men are bald and armed, the women have proportions that make Barbie look like a teenage boy.

Yet, as our readers have shown us in the below gallery, a real world that tried to operate on video game rules would be baffling on multiple levels ..."

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Cajun Chicken4416d ago

Jeez. These aren't even the slightest bit funny.

ATi_Elite4415d ago

thanks for the heads up, I'm not gonna click the link now and waste my time.

You get bubbles for taking one for the team.

ABizzel14415d ago

I should have listened. The only ones to even generate a smile were 6, 4, and 2.

InactiveUser4415d ago

Extremely lame... not worth clicking unless you want to waste your time.

Epicor4415d ago

Are you serious guys? Sure, not all of them were funny but you should definately check pictures 1,3,6(my fav),16 and 17.

Jezuz4415d ago

the last one was funny. Clever.

Man In Black4415d ago

You guys have no sense of humour.

ATi_Elite4415d ago (Edited 4415d ago )

oops dbl post

Arup024415d ago

I didn't understand. The point was to be funny?

sobekflakmonkey4415d ago

the last picture was definitely the best lol

GodofSackboy4415d ago

the last picture was good lol

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