FTG Review: Dead Rising 2: Case West

Dead Rising: Case West is an Xbox 360 exclusive, stand alone arcade release along the vein of Case Zero, meaning you won’t actually need the full retail copy of Dead Rising 2 to get your fill of photojournalist Frank West. Priced at 800 Microsoft banana dollars, it’s available to download right now on the Marketplace, but is it worth your ever-so-hard earned Christmas dosh?

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Fir3truck3035d ago

I really like your review Draz, it makes me think twice about getting it.

Drazial3035d ago

It's certain not worth blowing off, like I said if you've got the income, have at least one friend and enjoy the series I'd still pick this diddy up.

maxcavsm3035d ago

I enjoyed it, but it certainly felt like a let down. I'm not sure how much easier they can make the game for Dead Rising 3 (and if the ending for Case West is any indication, there's a third chapter here), but god damn, it was simple.

AmigoSniped3035d ago

I just started it but it seems like fun but I will see.

JATOSIN3035d ago

This sounds like a decnt game, but for some reason i have not got into the Dead rising series or any of the zombie games for that matter except Nazi Zombies.

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