Thinking About Attending A Video Game School? Read This First

GI: If you watch any amount of television, you already know there are hundreds of schools offering video game education programs. However, many of these fly-by-night operations might fail to really prepare you for the challenging world of video game design, programming, or art.

We recently spoke with Raymond Yan, the COO of DigiPen, one of the oldest and most respected institutions teaching the game arts. In this interview, he outlines some of the common misconceptions students have about the industry and what it really takes to be successful in video games.

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"I tell them that this industry is about making money. I used to be the head of art and design for Nintendo. There was no game I ever worked on that I considered a fun [experience]."

There you go right there, there's no such thing as fans to them, all they want is the money ($_$).

R2D23037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@uLTimate Revenge - I think people who want to get into the biz are better off at a good 4 year university getting a degree in computer science with a focus on programming... preferably C++ and a minor in math. Or getting a degree in business is always good too. Everyone wants in the arts end of it, but programmers are always valuable... ALWAYS

pwneddemocrat3037d ago

wtf are you talking about feces and beetles man that's disgusting

Eiffel3037d ago

Rofl, the hell is this?

sunnygrg3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

His reply may have some hidden meaning underneath but at my level of intelligence, I fail to comprehend it.

[EDIT] I see that R2D2 already edited his message from feces to something relevant to the thread.

guitarded773037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )



DeadIIIRed3037d ago

lmao I've never seen anyone do that before

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iPad3037d ago

As much as I love playing video games, I will never go to a video game school

Kran3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

..... I am at college doing a National Deploma in video games development. I'm having the time of my life thank you very much! >:(

I mean I used to go to Sixth Form. Hated it and left after the first year. All my life, I thought I would never enjoy any type of education. And my Games Development course has really got me going in life.

LolololRumz3037d ago

Yeah I'm in my 2nd year of the same course, then off to uni for 3D Game Art :D

ChickeyCantor3037d ago

Getting a job as an Artist is hard.
Unless you are one of those special cases where you can do wonders.

Good luck though, unless you work in a small group, dont expect you will do major stuff in 3D.

Kran3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Art is one of my weak points. Im only in my first year, and so far, 3/5 of the course works ive given in I have distinction for. 1 is a pass (concept art) and the other hasn't been graded yet. But hopefully, in time, ill get better :D

Im still learning 3D Modelling, but we've got a coursework on making 3 items based on battlefield items, so I could make a Gun, ammo cache and something else if I wanted to.

Also @Ultimate_Revenge right at the top. Could have sworn Cliff Bleszinski is very passionate about his games. And from what I can tell, he enjoys it a lot. Yes, he's right at the top, so he can choose things to do, but he's earned it.

LolololRumz3037d ago

I actually love 3D Modelling! I get offers from modders to make models and stuff, not something I want to do in the long run but money is money.

My advice is make sure your 100% committed then no doubt you'll pick up the skills you need

ChickeyCantor3037d ago

Doing GameTechnology...Im not looking forward to the industry.
In fact im considering doing something else with my knowledge.
Its not a happy place, its a bizz. Its a tiring job( if you are able to get one that is) and you might now always succeed.
Now if you work in a big company dont expect to be doing big parts. Naaaah instead you will be working on little things and pass them on to the other.

Slowly Im regretting the path i took. Im changing my hobby into actual work. Playing games becomes harder and harder.

Im gonna go for the bachelor degree, but im not expecting much afterwards.

Krimmson3037d ago

Dude I totally understand where you're coming from. I remember I wanted to be a 3D Character Animator/Motion Capture guy for video games.
I'm in my last year of college and I'm slowly regretting my decision. I'm not gonna quit right away but I'm definitely seeing that this is not going to be as fun as I expected it to be.

That and to quote my Maya professor (who's worked on a few games such as Project Sylpheed), "When you go out there in the real world, don't expect to start off in a big company. Square Enix already has some of the best character modelers in the world. They don't need you. Don't think you can work with Polyphony right away and help them make the next Gran Turismo. They don't need you either. You're going to need quite a few years of experience and an impressive resume before you can work with companies like Naughty Dog."

He then suggested that if any of us were to become decent character modelers then we should brush up on our French and try out Eden Games (Alone in the Dark) since they have terrible character modelers there.

ChickeyCantor3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

But the likes of me knew this unlike so many others who started such education course.
Every tutor says that its unlikely you end up with the big guys.

The gaming industry is booming in the Netherlands.
Granted we have one major popular Developer guerrilla-games( and then some). However they are still funded by sources outside the Netherlands. I like to believe that Killzone 2/3 IS an American product. Other than this popular shooter( dont get me wrong though, but what a waste of time on using such engine on such genre), the industry here is more on about viral games, cause thats where the money is.

Even though it will be hard, i suggest people try something of their own.

guitarded773037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I think people who want to get into the biz are better off at a good 4 year university getting a degree in computer science with a focus on programming... preferably C++ and a minor in math. Or getting a degree in business is always good too. Everyone wants in the arts end of it, but programmers are always valuable... ALWAYS.

ChickeyCantor3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Actually you are gonna need more on the Math.
Eventually you will be programming game logic.
Unless you gonna make engines, which would be more something for Technical Computing. People tend to mix the bag allot.

GameTech =/= Building advanced engines ( UR, Cryteck engine, etc etc)

guitarded773037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Yeah... that's what I said. A minor in math is about 27 hours or 9 classes worth. That takes you up to cal 3 and two discrete math courses. Math majors don't take discrete usually... finally the logic in the source coding is easier than doing proofs on paper, so being good at math is enough.

Pandamobile3037d ago

I just finished my first semester of first year in my 4 year game dev program at UOIT.

I can honestly say that I despise discrete mathematics. I'm hoping to get more into the art/animation side of things.

Krimmson3037d ago

Hate to be a jerk but I hope you enjoy getting paid much less than the programmers.

Pandamobile3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

It's not that much less. Junior programmers make around 55k. Junior artists make around 50k.

I'm sort of working toward being a sort of jack of all trades, where I'm skilled at both the art, and programming side of things (along with everything in between)

ChickeyCantor3036d ago

I guess I misunderstood.
I'm not familiar with your schooling system.

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zeph943037d ago

Well...looks like I need to do better in math :(

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