Drunk on Judgement - DC Universe Online: Beta Impressions

Drunk on Judgement: When DC Universe Online was first announced almost two years ago, my panties got wet. I’ve been waiting for a truly awesome superhero MMORPG to come to consoles, and Sony is finally attempting to deliver.

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DA_SHREDDER3038d ago

"Drunk on Judgement: When DC Universe Online was first announced almost two years ago, my panties got wet"

Ok, now you have my total and upmost attention. Proceed.

R2D23038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

@ Da Shredder - My panties got wet too and Really good preview and nice read.

Plus dc universe has me hooked now im gonna have to buy it for my ps3 lol, it's just pure fun.

jneul3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

dc universe has me hooked now im gonna have to buy it for my ps3 lol, it's just pure fun

Xusuyzus3038d ago

Really good preview and nice read.

lol,.. I'm at levelcap and haven't done any pvp whatsoever yet,.. game is pure fun,.. and that is what matters,...

@r2d2 ,.. bro,.. u need help,..

cliffbo3038d ago

expensive though. i'm a little disappointed at the price

Si-Fly3038d ago

Glad about the pricing, should keep all the kids with one bubble off the servers.

rekof3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Si-Fly ,.. don't be mean,.. I know by his nick,..

But people here loose their bubbles for various reasons. I lost all mine in that kinect hype. Trying to warn people, what the device really is A way overpriced ir-depth eye-toy, that is only capable of doing eye-toy type of games. Holly shit did 360 community get upset,..

Si-Fly3038d ago

Not being mean, totally serious, I hate gaming with kids. If 15 quid a month is too much for them it means a better experience for old farts like me, fact.

Darth_Bane793038d ago

Pvp servers can be a bitch when you are barely starting because high levels would wait for you where you need to complete a mission at and harass you like crazy.. Lol. I think that when the game comes out you will be able to switch from pvp to pve during gameplay, which could avoid a lot of headaches, but could also be exploited by cowards that like to start a fight and then run away when they see that they are getting their asses kicked... Lol

oddexarcadia3038d ago

You are able to flag yourself PVP or PVE when you are playing on the PVE servers.
So when you are playing on the PVP server, you can't do anything but wait for the campers to get bored and go away. If you are in the PVE servers, you can flag yourself for PVP and get your battle on. Then when you are wanting to do missions, go back to PVE settings.

Darth_Bane793038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I love this game, it's a lot of fun! I just really hope that the crashes would stop when the game comes out and the content is expanded a lot more. It is a great game, it just needs to be tweaked a bit to get it right. I totally see why us console users might find the subscription fee expensive since we buy games at least every 2 months, but MMORPGs pack a lot more content and hours of gameplay than any other type of game, and they require constant maintenance and support, that's why they need to charge a subscription fee. At least you are free to play for the first 30 days after you buy it, so that's enough time to give it a try, and if you don't like just return it or trade it.

Mr_Bun3038d ago

The crashes are annoying but they are a lot less frequent with the newest update. Hopefully there won't be any by the time this is released. Other than that, I am having a blast with the beta!


I've never been into MMO's but I had to try DC Universe Online out and I was instantly blown away. Totally love the beta...went out and paid in full for the game within a couple of days on the beta. If you are a PSN + member and have the space on your HD you should check it out or you can watch my vids I posted.

Xusuyzus3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Really great vids bro,.. I see u have your own show at hh,.. will bookmark for sure,..


Thanks, I'm glad you liked the vids and I appreciate the support.

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