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AV Club: The reality is that 2010 was an unusually good year from start to finish. There were even pleas among the games staff to make this a Top 20 list. Instead, we went through two rounds of voting—with writers assigning a total of 100 points across their 10 favorite games, Pazz & Jop style—to whittle our favorites down to the list you see here.

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anti-gamer3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

epic fail.

no gow3 and no alan wake.
# 6- Deadly Premonition.....WTF!

kancerkid3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Yea, because people cannot like games that you don't.

@anti (below)
I never played it, but just because you don't like it (doubt you even played it anyway) does not make their list illegitimate.

It is an opinion piece, not a list of objective facts.

anti-gamer3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

yea deadly Premonition one of the good game of the year because you like it.


what i ment in my comment ther is other games better than Deadly Premonition (most people i know heat this game) such as alan wake, gow3, halo R, gt5...etc.

and it is Forbidden disagree people opinion.

iamgoatman3032d ago

"one of the good game of the year because you like it."

Isn't that how it works? You like something because you think it's good? And not everyone thinks the same things are good, hence the difference in opinion.

anti-gamer3032d ago

"Isn't that how it works?"

no there is a diffrent between "the best game of the year" and "my best game of the year" because the second one well be what you think. the first on well be forcing your opinion to other people.

PrimordialSoupBase3032d ago

Deadly Premonition has a far better written plot and cast of characters than either Alan Wake or Heavy Rain. It's also a true adventure games that lets you explore a space and unravel the story at your own pace. It looks like a PS2 game, and so what? It's full of hilarious and interesting game design.

anti-gamer3031d ago

I agree whith you and i like the type game that you have discover and eplore like fullout and deadly p. but deadly premonition it get very boring very fast.

DiRtY3032d ago

No God of War, No Halo Reach, No Alan Wake --> No list.

kancerkid3032d ago

Why not? They can't have their own opinion?

Kee3032d ago

A game as broken as Fallout should not make it to Number 6 on any list. Sure, its good if you can handle glitches and bad AI, but I think other games are less problematic.
Remember in the days before online patching? If a dev put out a buggy game, they'd have to suffer the consequences.

I just don't think a game that doesn't work should be hailed as one of the best of the year...

PrimordialSoupBase3032d ago

In my experience the game had absolutely no problems. Maybe they had very few and none were game breaking.

Kee3031d ago

Well, no two playthroughs of a game are the same, thats why people are entitled to their opinions :)

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