Top 10 PSP Games of 2011 - 1UP

While Western RPGs have pretty much taken over the home consoles, you need only to look to the PSP to find out where most of the Japanese RPGs went. While the PSP had a more diverse library last year, a glance at the top games for next year shows that this handheld has a clear lead when it comes to Eastern RPG design. Whether it's new takes on established franchises (i.e. Final Fantasy), or loving remakes of cult classics (Tactics Ogre), or just plain new titles, this is easily the system for JRPG fans.

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Handhelds_FTW3040d ago

With almost all of listed titles, but one.

I would takeout Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and add God Eater Burst.

Cratos87803039d ago

I would takeout Prinny 2, and add God Eater Burst.