Fan Made A PSP2 Concept Video That Has Reversible Controls And OLED Buttons

A fan made a PSP2 concept video that has some very good ideas there. The first idea is that switchable and reversible controls. This feature definitely benefits to the left-hand users where you can switch the control panel to left or right. The analog sticks are also switchable to the bottom or top, whatever fits the best for you...

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Wenis3034d ago

The OLED button idea is pretty cool

toaster3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

lol Is that guy getting his fro shaved?

Anyways this a pretty neat concept. Handheld gaming is great and is where a lot of innovations are happening. I have an iPod and a DSiXL, never really got into PSP except from times that I've borrowed it from friends. If the next PSP turns out like this then it's a must buy for me. I'm loving the customizable controls since I'm used to having controls any way I want on PC. OLED buttons is pretty neat too, devs would have to go a little out of their way to program for the hardware but with the quality of mobile games recently I'm sure devs for mobile platforms are anything but lazy. But for simplicity's sake the normal buttons would be much easier for people.

velocitygamer3034d ago

If it does have OLED buttons...

I'm sold. I wouldn't even mind being a stripper out in the snow for a week.

lzim3034d ago

no he's getting braids, cornrows.

And damn that was a very nice commercial (loved the dark room and super bright screen), pity the real product is actually better in most cases. eInk buttons should be that hard or expensive to implement. But these days capacitive touch is more fun. Only buttons if they are pressure sensitive.

I wonder if Marcus will get to intro the device.. or if it will be Kevin Smith.

Malice-Flare3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

That OLED button idea is also very expensive right now. The Maximus keyboard for PCs is $2400 and it's only programmable.

lzim3034d ago

if you do the math, it would be less than $50 for 4 OLED PSP face buttons.

Heartnet3033d ago

yeh buts its not manufactured at that price xD might cost like $300 or sumin to make and since its new and shiz they sell it at that price xD probz not that cheap but u get the gist :)

MEsoJD3034d ago

Damn I actually really like the interchangeable buttons/analog and oled display.

Kamikaze1353034d ago

Very nice to see a customizable console. I'd love to actually see something like this.

-Alpha3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

But I don't understand, what would be the point? "Press X to attack" is simpler than "Press the button with the Sword" wouldn't it? Seems like something that would unnecessarily jack up the costs.

MAJ0R3034d ago

I wouldn't expect to have OLED but the interchangeable layout would be really awesome to make it like a 360 or PS3 controller

Kamikaze1353034d ago

It's customizable...meaning that you won't agree with other people's design choices. I find it appealing so what does it matter to you or anybody else for that matter?

lzim3034d ago


If anything it would make it easier to put contextual controls into games. Press cross to turn the other 3 buttons into other options. They are still circle, square and triangle but the colors could change. Also they could light up when they are mapped.

If a game has boost, the button would be dark and progressively glow as boost is charged.

If your gun is out of ammo it would go dark. Assuming colors are allowed on a playstation controller/PSP...

Otherwise given the player the option to remap the controls and have the button icons change helps players find a more comfortable setup.

-Alpha3034d ago


Cool! But couldn't this be done with an in-game HUD? I suppose it could save some room to make portable gaming more of a cinematic experience.

So long as it is not something that unnecessarily brings the price up it's all good, but this technology sounds pretty fancy.

I'm just hoping for the standard upgrades. I think what is most important to combat Nintendo is to stay affordable while continuing to be the "entertainment device" that Sony is pushing the PSP to be over the "Toy" that Nintendo is perceived as.

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Nitrowolf23034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

That actually kind of cool. Allow players to customize the way they play

Dom63903034d ago

this isn't to far fetched really as Sony have filed a patent including customizable button layouts like this however it isnt the most practical or useful. I think apart from that most of these features could well appear in a new psp. The OLED buttons are awsome tho

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