A Recap Of Aya’s 3rd Birthday Costumes

Siliconera: The Japanese Internet community is steamrolling through The 3rd Birthday's campaign and making sure they post every last interesting detail for all to see.

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Cratos87803037d ago

not that it it is a big deal, but Aya Brea is nearly 40.

Shikoro3037d ago

Man, she looks like she is in the early 20s. :O

Newtype3037d ago

Japanese say she's an old hag.

Cratos87803037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

sorry, double post.

Deathstroke3037d ago

They should remove the Lightning outfit. No need for garbage like that seeing as how it's from one of the worst characters in the FF universe. Besides, FF13 was terrible & I'd rather not be reminded of that hallway simulator.

Eamon3037d ago

Really hope S-E will start advertising this by releasing more gameplay footage instead.