New Battlefield Title On The Way

With the franchises first next-gen outing, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, enjoying plenty of success, it was inevitable that EA would eventually bring another Battlefield game to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PS3.

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BIadestarX5383d ago

A new title developed with next gen in mind.

BoneMagnus5383d ago

This game is kind of a staple for me. I just hope that they add something new and fresh - while keeping the core essence the same.

specialguest5383d ago

hell yes! a new BF game. **rush to the airplanes and helicopters before someone else snatches it**

OutpostCommand5382d ago

A new BF !! W000000000ooooOOOOOOOO0000OOOo oOOOoOT !!
Lets hope the single player is just a skirmish with bots not a rubbish story mode.
Modern Combats' single player was balls.

BIadestarX5382d ago

I beat this game; but it was hard; not becase the enemies had a very good AI; but because they can shoot you even before you can be seen. This game was a direct port from the PS2 and XBox versions. I'm sure they will do better for a 360 (maybe PS3) versions.