Fox misleadingly suggests that Kinect sex game can be used on Xbox 360 by kids

In the annals of journalism, there have been many stunningly bad portrayals of video games by the media. The latest is from an El Paso, Texas Fox affiliate that suggests that a pornographic video game that uses a hacked version of Kinect on the PC could somehow be downloaded by children on the Xbox 360.

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GWAVE3040d ago

Hopefully Faux News will issue an apology like they did for Mass Effect (they claimed it had full nudity). Not only is this "sex game" not even out yet, but it's not even coming out for 360.

Queasy3040d ago

Unlike the Mass Effect story, this is from a local affiliate by what looks to be a pretty ignorant morning reporter using her family for quotes.

An apology from the affiliate and the reporter is definitely in order though.

Wenis3040d ago

"It’s inappropriate, especially when these games are geared towards younger children," said Valverde. "You see the commercials on the Disney channel on Nickelodeon of course they're going to want them."

Yeah because you're going to see this game advertised on Disney channel.

Also quit saying Faux News like you're witty. Faux is pronounced as 'foe' therefore making the joke lame.

Anon19743040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Fox news, fear mongering and misleading the public? Say it isn't so!

You know, I just don't get US news at the best of times. While down in Mexico one time the resort my wife and I were staying at was getting local US news from across the border. I couldn't believe the tone of their news casts, the ignorance, the way they hyped stories and the "Be afraid! You could be next!" end to every second news story. A few channels on cable at home come from Washington and I just can't watch their local news casts. It just seems like such blatant rubbish to me. As a Canadian, sure we have the odd, sensationalized news story but watching just local US stations was quite eye opening. In my time spent in Europe, watching television I didn't once come across one of these types of news stories. The news I saw reported in the UK and France generally seemed to center more on world events for the majority - and then I noticed the reporting seemed to stick more to "just the facts" type reporting then even I was used to at home. I'm not saying it doesn't happen - the Brits tabloids are crazy and I'm sure it leaks into their television, but I never once came across a local news article that had the same "be afraid" tone that permeates pretty much every US news broadcast I've stopped on before turning away, shaking my head.

It's a shame the US media decided that keeping their population perpetually in a state of alarm was the only way to maintain an audience. They all seem to do it and I think they're doing a major disservice to their population. I remember getting into an argument about gun control one time with three US residents who all stuck to the line "We have guns to defend ourselves! What if...what if...what if...." I couldn't get over it. They all seemed to live in this fearful world of "What if" that I just couldn't relate to, and they all had to be armed just in case "What if," happened. One even suggested to me that I didn't love my family because I didn't have the means to defend them. "Defend them from what?" I asked. "Do you think the British are coming?" Other than rifles out at the farm, I've never even seen a weapon that wasn't attached to a police officer, nor have I every heard of guns being used on civilians other than the odd drug related gang shooter once every couple of years. I just can't imagine what it would be like to live in a place like that. Don't get me wrong, I love America, and I have nothing against Americans. I haven't personally meet an American I didn't like, but the way they live, the way they think just seems so alien to me, and I'm knocking on 40.

I'll probably never understand, but I'm sure the media isn't helping with the way they try to keep everyone afraid to keep watching.

BX813040d ago

@ darkride66 Not all US news is the same. You should try watching more broadcasts. Or listening to radio more. I agree especially after 9/11 there are more 'oh noooo stories'. But it's the diversity in stories that allows you to choose for your self. You said it your self every place seems to be different. Now if some one chooses to be ignorant and believe what is told to them by one source then that's on them. This applies every where around the world. No Country is correct in news, It takes the mass or being there your self to get the correct picture. Then again it's all how you perceive the situation as well. As for the gun control. It's true you never know what may happen. I think there are many different ways to protect your family. I personally like a firearm just in case someone tries to pull a B&E or feels like getting a case of the rapes. Also I like to have one to protect my surrounding community as well, But I have a healthy respect for fire arms and have been handling them in for 11yrs. Also handy if someone tries to invade the US. Maybe someone we invaded before? I agree every culture is different and has a certain approach to things. In the US we don't like to be F*cked with! Also you never get the most intelligent people on camera during the news.... Imagine that!

IcarusOne3039d ago

"Now if some one chooses to be ignorant and believe what is told to them by one source then that's on them."

Agreed but only up to a point. The thing about ignorance is it goes undetected by the people who suffer from it - no one chooses to be ignorant. Most (if not all) of the people who watch Fox News watch it because it reflects and reenforces the beliefs they already have (i.e. liberals are bad, Obama's a socialist, US is a Christian nation, etc). I can't really blame people for wanting affirmations of their beliefs. But I absolutely can blame Fox News and Rupert Murdoch for knowingly spewing their bullshit and calling it news. It's shrewd, canniving, predatorial, and unethical.

But most unfortunately, it's profitable, and thereby successful.

I realize a free press is a sacred thing, granted by the Constitution, but there has to be a distinction between "press" and "editorial," especially when the editorial masquerades as news 24/7.

neo8813039d ago

still its fox which is own by the same man who runs fixed noised.

HolyOrangeCows3039d ago

LOL, oh geez, not more "Sexbox"

n to the b3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

@BX81: I thought the right to own gun(s) is more a protection-from-your-goverment thing than a protection-from-invaders thing?

nix3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

i'm sure he took that word from term 'faux pas'. plus 'faux' means fake.

nix3039d ago

ignore my previous ^^^ comment. i read it as "defined" instead of "pronounced".

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mrv3213040d ago

Fox news luying... deceiving it's audience well somethings not right /sarcasm

ChrisW3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Next thing you know, FOX will be saying that Move can be used to play sex games on PS3... Oh wait... there ARE sex [mini] games on the PS3 in God of War 3 and Heavy Rain.

**Don't let FOX know this!**

jack who3040d ago

Faux News will never learn till ppl start sueing them for false allegations

NovusTerminus3040d ago

Faux News is at it again... You think they would learn to research a little bit at least.

RedDead3040d ago

To be expected hahaha, I can't wait to see them eat their words.

Bigpappy3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

These are not errors. This is how they get their ratings up. They like to exaggerate and sensationalize stuff. Like the whole Obama not a US citizen thing, Mass Effect, Tea Party, ... Everything must be taken to the extreme. I use to watch them, but found myself slowly moving away.

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