No, I don't just play games all day

Globe and Mail game critic Chad Sapieha discusses the ups and downs of being a game critic and answers questions he's frequently asked about his job, including whether he finishes all the games he plays and if playing games for a living has made him enjoy them less.

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Matthew943034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

good article, must be sh***y only being able to play after midnight each day

longcat3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

i've gotten to the point where its difficult for me to even find an hour per day to play at times.

My psp gets a lot of use when i can steal a few minutes at a time.

i like the fact that he says he does not finish some games but admits to it during the review. more reviewers should do this for the sake of transparency and to avoid embarrassment.

mastiffchild3034d ago

@pedrobear-I've worked in the press most of my adult life(up to becoming too infirm a couple of years back)and you'd be surprised how widespread "cheating" is among reviewers of all kinds of things. To find someone allowed to, and willing to, admit to not finishing a piece for review is refreshing and surprising even in today's world of less formal internet sites and, even, less uptight hard copy.

On occasion I've gone to editors saying I didn't feel I'd had enough time to give a fair verdict(even though I may have technically "finished" playing, reading or listening to the piece of work in question)on something I'm close to deadline on and they often want you to just do your best-it's just the nature of reviews and reviewers that sometimes you don't have time to feel you're being fair to everything that lands on your late.

In this article I was interested in the writer saying they enjoyed most talking about individual games with people as it sometimes helped in their work by adding new outlooks that they wouldn't have considered themselves. I agree totally and think the best reviewing I ever did was on those occasions where I was reviewing alongside others-a bit like the model Famitsu use-but where we're allowed to talk between us either during the process or actually in the final review itself. I think what's spoken about as a by product here is best used actually in shop.

longcat3034d ago

yeah, its pretty much a pervasive problem that no-one talks about.

A lot of people hate yahtzee, and at times he can be a bit much, but at least he was honest enough to admit how much of final fantasy he played for his review.

I found that strange because of all the reviewers, he was the one in a position to best cover up that fact given his style.

jeeves863034d ago

If you have to do something for work over and over again, eventually you're going to come to dislike a bit of it. It's part of the reason I like focusing on a specific area of games and there aren't too many of them that come down the line.

When you have to rush through games to get a review out, it takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game - which really sucks, especially from a reviewer's standpoint. You could get this free game which would be totally awesome if you could explore more in-depth, or take a little extra time to get through the multiplayer, but deadlines are approaching and the boss is on your ass to push out that review, that's tough.

I enjoy talking to others about gaming and reviewing games as well, and that's really a common thing that comes up, 'so you just play games all day.' That's like saying a book reviewer just sits around and reads all day, or a movie critic just sits around and watches movies all day. Yet nobody is jumping down their throats.