Sucker Punch's Favorite Superheroes.

SuckerPunch lists their favorite superheroes.

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negroguy3038d ago

I cant decide between spiderman or Flash. Both are good and I like those two for their sense of humor.

lociefer3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

surprised none of them likes electro ! , as for me, im a big spiderman/deadpool geek

HolyOrangeCows3038d ago

For me, it's Batman. No question about it.

He manages to do awesome things, superpowers or not. He struggles with his own morality and the series often begs the Batman just as crazy as his enemies? Awesome stuff.

FrankMcSpank3038d ago

I give it up to Spawn. He is super awesome and fights for God now. Plus there needs to be more Black super heroes.

MariaHelFutura3038d ago

Batman and V.

In reality MARIAHELFUTURA is my favorite superhero.

eggbert3038d ago

I keep reading futura as futanari.


TroyAndAbed3038d ago


Jackie Estacado

Michael Jordan

Nightcrawler (X-2 opening scene, anyone?)

Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Pretty much EVERYONE in Mystery Men

[email protected]$$


iceman063038d ago

U did NOT say'd for 5 min on that one!!!

loganremy3038d ago

wolverine and gambit...oh and the flash

CobraKai3038d ago

Wow. I can see how Cole came to be. He has a little of each of their favorite superheroes

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