FTG FUBAR: Most Overrated — Call of Duty: Black Ops

It’s time for the FUBARs (our anti-awards) here at FTG. This time around, we look at some games that received more praise than they deserved. By ChainGunPope and Darth Bedivere

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maxcavsm3034d ago

I wouldn't say it's most overrated; I personally had a great time with the game...

Drazial3033d ago

I disagree with your argument, because something isn't ground breaking doesn't mean to say that it can't be a good game. We need a series like COD that people can trust will be a decent bang for their buck and Black Ops was most certainly that.

Mista T3033d ago

I wouldn't say that. a lot of critics gave it a 8s and 8.5s so I wouldn't say that

LincolnForce913033d ago

I would say that Black Ops was slightly over rated. The campaign was decent and they added a lot more freedom to the customization of your classes in multiplayer.

Thoreau3033d ago

the map designs are not great, which leads to more camping or zoning if you will. codbo forces you to play the with certain style parameters on certain maps.

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