What is the Answer to Piracy?

Piracy is something that is often seen as something reserved for the scourge of humanity; the lowest dregs of society. Of course a lot of the people flinging mud take part in it themselves, but that’s beside the point. My concern isn’t whether piracy is right or wrong; we all know that it’s wrong (whether you do it yourself or not), regardless of how little it affects the owner of what you’re stealing. The real question is: what’s the answer?

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LunaticBrandon3041d ago

Make games that are worth buying, drop the DRM and don't even thing about charging $60.

mrv3213041d ago

Minecraft has no DRM... sold millions.

Humble indie bundle in a week made like 2 million.

Chadness3041d ago

Some valid points are made. While I'm obviously not pro-piracy, you can't deny the effect it has had on various titles, some for the better, it seems.

JoelT3041d ago

It's such a tricky situation, but the obvious is that pricing structures are very off.

Danl3041d ago

The fact is that big game makers and publishers are too behind the times, and have no creative ideas for how to market / price / protect their games in today's world. Hopefully they start to learn from some of these situations mentioned here.

Raoh3041d ago

Better Pricing, stable servers and ability to set up your own dedicated servers (divinity 2 allows you to do this on ps3 and of course most pc games).

going into 2011, i will be gaming on pc more than my ps3, so multiplatform on pc and exclusives on ps3.. some pc exclusives of course.

i just bought the entire valve collection for $49, the stalker series a few months ago.. you cant beat the value of steam. and i plan to buy more legit games on pc's primarily due to mods.

If more ps3 games would do mods like unreal tournament 3 that allows pc mods, burnout paradise that allow game save enhancements by uploading the ps3 save on the pc to the internet, steamworks coming to ps3 is the way to go too, just make it so mods check for legit copies. it would be worth it to get a legit copy of a game to play free mods.

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