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GameFocus: We’ve played the games. You’ve seen our nominees. It’s now time to reveal our winners!

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ChristianGamer3038d ago

Year of the xbox 360. Limbo(2 awards), Mass Effect 2(5 awards), Halo Reach(1 award excluding best on x360) plus every winning game except platform specific games, strategy and original ip can currently be played on 360

HeavenlySnipes3038d ago

Too bad ME2 is now available on the PS3 and has always been availavle on the PC. All the 360 won was awards for Limbo (2)

Heavy Rain also won 2 awards.

Halo won best shooter, although there wasn't any competition with Call of Dooty Black Shit being so bad.

Rikitatsu3038d ago

Gotta love how the article's image is God of War when it didn't win anything.

Never change, N4G...

jessupj3038d ago

Actually Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a contender. The online multiplayer is unmatched in my opinion.

lovestospoodge3038d ago

Action Adventure Game
Winner: RDR, fair enough
Runner up: AC:B, fair enough
Runner ups: enslaved & SC:C
Um so enslaved > gow

N311V3038d ago

Most of their choices i agree with. Best visuals must be referring to ME2 on PC because GoWIII flogs ME2 on consoles. And innovative game of the year should have went to Heavy Rain, AC:B wasn't all that different from AC2.

NeoBasch3038d ago

Am I the only one who thought Enslaved's story wasn't that great? I didn't care for Monkey much at all. Yeah, I cared for Trip, but that's about it. Besides, the romance was ridiculously obvious. The game had interesting bits, especially the last couple of levels. I don't know. It was a really good game, but in no way was as good or better than Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, or God of War III in terms of storytelling or direction. I would have given storytelling to Heavy Rain, and direction to either Mass Effect 2 or God of War III. That's just the way I see it.

Besides the game left open a dozen or so questions. No, the "alternate reality" doesn't explain it either. And not open like No Country for Old Men open either. I'm talking about a lack of proper world building.

user83971443038d ago

So GOTY is between God of War 3 (my GOTY) and Red Dead Redemption (awesome game).

Nerox33038d ago

2nd failiest list of the year :)

colonel1793038d ago

I agree... IMO, God of War should've go Best PS3 games, and achievement in visuals (come on, which games has fight with titans that look so epic!), and maybe even Action/adventure. I think RDR is being overhyped too much, just as GTA4, although less. It's a great game, but GOW 3 is a better action/adventure.

IMO, God of War 3, Mass Effect 2 and Super Mario Galaxy were the 3 bests games of this year (for me)

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