Strip Down to Your Undies in The Last Story

Andriasang: Today's Last Story Presentation event was full of memorable moments as Hironobu Sakaguchi showed off the heart pounding battles and dramatic cinematics of his long awaited return to directing.

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Xwow20083039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

i can,t wait to play it :)),btw when it comes in na and eu?

edit :And i hope the eng version will have the Japanese voices.

kissmeimgreek3039d ago

I dont believe its been announced for anywhere outside of Japan YET.

Nitrowolf23039d ago

i am sick of all these amazing games not getting out of Japan.
We Want Them Too

blitz06233039d ago

You can thank FPS wh*res for that.

Godmars2903039d ago

Thing is will characters in the game react to you being in your undies?

Neckbear3039d ago

It's not like this is Ar Tonelico, after all.

blackmamba7073039d ago

I predict at least 300 degrees on this story just because of the title

pcz3039d ago

We in the west will have to wait until 2028 when this game will be available through a next generation nintendo consoles online download service. Sort of like how sin and punishment was only released a decade later through the wii.

By then it will be so oldskool only the hardcore will care.

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