Christian Bale to star as Solid Snake in the upcoming MGS movie ?

In the latest edition of Nuts magazine ( UK ), there is an interview with Christian Bale, in which he states he's in the running to play Solid Snake in the 2009 movie Metal Gear Solid.

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THC CELL4391d ago

They really should use Kurt Russell from escape from New York

Violater4391d ago

Russel is old news and cheesy,
Bale is Batman, hot sh!t right now.

gaffyh4391d ago

I think the voice matters as much as the look of the actor, so I think Hugh Jackman would have been the best, but Christian Bale has a voice similar to Snake and he is a very good actor.

SCThor4391d ago a future sequel of the movie. A question for everyone:

Who could play Raiden??

gaffyh4391d ago

They should also get Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1) for Otacon, he would really suit the role.

nobizlikesnowbiz4391d ago

Kurt Russell as PLISKIN!!!!111

GMR_PR4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

very good actor...

plus he's the best Batman ever.

Bathyj4391d ago


He already screw up the Jack Ryan Charactor (what were they thinking ,not using Harrison Ford) and you want him to screw snake too?

Bale wasn't my first choice, but he's a good actor, I think he'd do it well.

No ones said Ed Norton yet. I dont know if it really suits him but hes so brilliant I think he could pull anything off. How would have thought he'd do something with as much power as American History X?

barom4390d ago

omg Affleck?

What are you? Gay?

Hugh Jackman would have been tha bomb though. Bale is alright I guess, he kinda reminds me of Tom Cruise (gayyyy) in some way though.

InMyOpinion4390d ago

I was joking about Affleck, he should be banned from acting. For real though, John Travolta!

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Observer4391d ago

Hugh Jackman looks very Solid Snakeish too, but he's out of the question since he has a busy filming schedule in 2008-2009

ShiftyLookingCow4391d ago

not for me, after seeing him a thousand times as Wolverine

THC CELL4391d ago

anything is better than Chuck Norris.

Kurt i must say he is one of the best classic actors i can think of

PS Snake is old

HeartlesskizZ4391d ago

I like Chris Bale. he is handsome and he does have similar voice with snake. to bad Bruce willis is bold so is Vin D.

WAR_MACHINE774390d ago

I think kurt would be a great choice too. he has the ruff look and voice, and it would be a great inside joke for the fans.

beavis4play4391d ago

can't go wrong with russel or bale

MaximusPrime4391d ago

i think Christian Bale will do well with MGS. (and hes a Brit ;) )

THE_JUDGE4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

not exactly British.

To Below: If its the same then why would he say he's Welsh? He doesn't have a British accent, he has a Welsh accent.

Nervsys4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Actually being welsh is being british.

If you're going to post a comment that someone else is wrong then at least make sure you're right.

Kleptic4391d ago


Adamalicious4391d ago

I think your confusing British with English - which isn't at all uncommon to do. English, Scottish and Welsh people are all equally British - and they all have different accents. There is no "British" accent. Heck how many different English accents are there - lots! Same goes for Scotland and Wales. Saying "British" accent is like saying American accent - practically every State in America has at least one unique accent.

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