Ten Trends This Generation Of Gaming Will Be Remembered For

RipTen: "The PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii make up the current generation of consoles. The next generation, though glimmering on the horizon, is distant. We’re firmly entrenched in this era and what it will be known for is becoming increasingly clear. What follows are ten trends that this generation of gaming will be remembered for."

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GWAVE3042d ago

The trend I'll always remember:

Reviews going from slightly opinionated to nothing but straight-up paid advertisements and smear campaigns. How so-called "professional" reviewers managed to miss massive problems like the servers issues with Black Ops (across all three versions) or Gears 2 is beyond me.

GrandTheftZamboni3042d ago

That's understandable: the "honest" ones don't want to piss off the advertisers. They pay their living. Some are just fanboys. Just add 30% to PS3 games score and you'll be fine. Those not having PS3 will think this is a fanboy rant, but eventually they will see God of War 3 in HD...

Immortal3213042d ago

I remember when I first started to trust game reviewers back in the ps2 era. Now they're too many under the table deals, contradictions, and a lot of "in my opinions."

Fact is the color is blue, in my opinion it's purple.

Batmau53042d ago

I think it will be remembered for the advent of motion gaming, for better or worse.

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MrKingofVideoGames3042d ago

Yup, how this article missed motion control is beyond me..

vicious69833042d ago

Haha I agree with most of that

Kreyg3042d ago

You forgot one. The rise of fanboys.

In my opinion, this generation has brought the worst out in gamers. Gamers complain about the smallest things now. I remember when games were all about fun. Now gamers concern themselves with review scores, hardware specs, which console version of a game is better, etc.

No longer is it about "how fun a game is." It's about what's popular, playing what's mainstream so you're "cool," and how long you can argue that your favorite game is better than someone else's favorite game. Sadly I don't see gamers ever getting better either. It'll just get progressively worse from here on out.

Kind of sickening when you look at it. Remember, games are meant for FUN. Not to make your e-peen grow and look bigger than another person's e-peen. Corporate companies won't destroy this industry, the gamers will.

Kewl_Kat3042d ago

Fanboys and console wars have always existed. Even back in the days of the Genesis and SNES, people have always argued which one had better controllers, which had better design, which had better games, and whose console mascot is better. Nothing's changed. There's no "rise of fanboys". And what do you mean by "no longer about how fun a game is"? If that's the case, shouldn't game sales have plummeted by now? There's no way fanboy-ism and console wars alone could sustain the game industry's growth. The industry continues to grow because it still is about how fun games are. People don't buy games just to beef up their favorite console's sale numbers, they buy games 'cause it is still about how fun a game is.

Ducky3042d ago

Aye, the fanboys have always been there.

It's just that most of them are now younger and have an avenue with the internet being everywhere.
There always is fanboyism is any domain, be it consoles, OperatingSystems, Cars or sports teams. It doesn't destroy anything, it just makes a bunch of people look like idiots.

Hitman07693042d ago

hehehehe hope this trends end soon funny pic!

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